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STIMULATOR message for the week of March 13, 1973

Starting with the January 1, 1973 edition of the Stimulator, President Sant no longer included a Mission President’s message

Notes from the field:

“Our Father in Heaven really can work miracles.  The way the Holy Ghost can touch the hearts of investigators really thrills me.  I love to testify and challenge and feel the spirit as I do.  Baptizing Sister ______ was on of the finest experiences I have had on my mission”  Elder Murri.

“What a blessing it is to baptize someone into the Church, and to see their life change.  We saw a complete change in Sister _____ in only two weeks.  She is a much happier person, and this is our reward to see someone’s happiness after baptism.  The way to do it is to work hard at the Lord’s work and to love your companion.  We have been setting goals and working hard to achieve them and this is the reward we get.  We also keep baptism riveted on our minds and this really works wonders.  I know that the Lord did all the work, we were just instruments in His hands.  I love the Lord, I love my mission, and I love my companion.”  Elder Phillips.

“This has been the best week of my mission!  It is such a great experience working with the Lord in preparing ___ and ___ for baptism and in finally being able to baptize them.  I really love missionary work and I am looking forward to more weeks like this week.”  Elder Anderson.

“I love to baptize.  Even more, I love to see the Lord’s hand in action.  I know that the Lord hears and answers prayers in his own good time and in his own ways.  We have great leaders here in the Manawatu Zone.  I really love and respect them.  It is wonderful to see the Lord’s programs in action.  I love to baptize every week for our Father in Heaven.  We have wonderful people coming up this month.  There is nothing that brings so much joy and happiness as this missionary work.”  Elder Wallin.

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