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STIMULATOR message for the week of February 27, 1973

Starting with the January 1, 1973 edition of the Stimulator, President Sant no longer included a Mission President’s message

Notes from the field:

“Since this will be my last report on my mission, I have only one regret to report.  That is this — it took me too long to catch the vision of my mission.  If I could tell the missionaries anything, it would be to set goals, pray for them, and work your hardest to reach them, and your mission will be completely different.  I have seen it work and it has only been when I have made up my mind to do it.  These last two weeks have been the greatest of my life and it is only because of the goals that my companion and I have set.”  Elder Searle.

“I really felt good during this past week!  We worked with, and have found some really fine people.  I love the members, and many do have a strong desire to do the work!  I believe that the priesthood correlation program could really go here, and I sure hope that we may assist it in its development.  We were able to work with the members in teaching and baptizing one of their contacts.  The members have  others with whom we shall be working.  I know that we are here to help, and I pray we may continue to assist the leaders and individual members in doing this great work.”  Elder Huish.

“I am truly grateful to be a missionary and work for the Lord in this capacity.  I now know that through prayer and faith, the Lord, my companion and I can accomplish anything.  It was proven to me this week after learning two discussion and baptizing several children.  I can honestly say that I could never have done any of this without the Lord.  The Lord is working hard already for another baptism this next week.  I am having the finest of times.”  Elder Christensen.

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