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STIMULATOR message for the week of February 1, 1972

Message from President Eugene C. Ludwig, dated February 1, 1972


Dear Missionaries,

Do you have the spiritual conviction that each zone in this mission can baptize weekly?  Think, plan, work, and baptize weekly!

THINK WEEKLY: As a man thinketh, so is he effective weekly in meeting his standards.  The emphasis is on you.  The Lord has prepared enough people in your area to accept the Gospel, so that you may find new investigators weekly.  He has promised results through dedicated effort.  Have faith to go as far as you can and God will assist you to go further.

PLAN WEEKLY: Where there is a building, there is definitely a builder and where there is an organization, there is an organizer.  Where is accomplishment, there is a plan and a planner.  Each Sunday morning, kneel with your companion, ask for the help of the Lord in your planning, then plan on your Goal Card the goals you want to accomplish during the week.  Use you daily planner to plan each minute of the day.  Only by breaking your weekly goals into daily promises to the Lord and then prayerfully and faithfully fulfilling your promises to the Lord can you reach your potential as instruments of conversion.  Plan meeting and follow-up work; plan to use some phase of each program each day; plan to find a golden family each day; plan to baptize every week.

WORK WEEKLY: “If you want to leave your footprints in the sands of time, wear your work shoes.”  Work to follow your plan in detail; work the Handbook in detail; this is your guide to success.  President David O. McKay said: “Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that the power to work is a blessing, that the love of work is success.”  The success of these three things depends upon your being in tune with your Heavenly Father.  Nephi taught us that the Lord gives no commandments unto the children of men without preparing a way for them to accomplish those commandments.  He will bless you to find those people who are awaiting the Gospel so that you can teach and baptize weekly.  We know your will!  Our love and prayers are with you always.

Faithfully yours,
President Eugene C. Ludwig

“Only through dedicated work does a man fulfill himself.”

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