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STIMULATOR message for the week of January 9, 1973

Starting with the January 1, 1973 edition of the Stimulator, President Sant no longer included a Mission President’s message

For your information, we are reprinting instruction that appeared in the Priesthood Bulletin in February 1972: “Prospective converts who become candidates for baptism should be interviewed and approved by the stake or fulltime mission leaders.  They should be introduced to the bishop or branch president before baptism and should be made welcome and fellowshipped by him, the home teachers, and church members in general after their baptism.”

Notes from the field:

“God does live and does answer prayers, because He really answered ours.  It was so great to see ______ baptized on Saturday.  He was truly a gift from our Father in Heaven.  And there is no better way to start out the new year than by baptizing a potential priesthood holder.  I really love this work.  It is so rewarding.  Thanks for your prayers on our behalf.”  Elder Criddle

“It was wonderful to be able to baptize again this week.  I know that the Lord provides the way when you have faith and work hard to achieve your goals.  Both Elder Sandgren and I witnessed this as the Lord helped us to overcome the obstacles in baptizing the ______ family.  Elder Sandgren has the kind of faith that makes things happen and I know that it is only by that kind of faith coupled with work that we are able to baptize.”  Elder Woodford.

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