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Elder & Sister Steven R. Bangerter of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  February 19, 2019

Tuesday devotional, Elder and Sister Steven R. Bangerter, February 19, 2019

Sister Bangerter:

  • I would like to explore 1 Nephi 11:2-5 with you.  Nephi wanted to understand his father’s words.  Nephi believed all of his father’s words.  He said to the angel, “Thou knowest that I believe the words of my father..”  Thus, the Lord knows us personally.
  • My dad deserted his family when my mother had a houseful of young children.  He did not contribute anything to help over the ensuing years.  He became an alcoholic.  At age 90 he called Sister Bangerter and told her that he was getting baptized.  Two young missionaries had found him and taught him.  We drove to Bakersfield, California to witness the baptism.  He eventually moved to Utah to be closer to his children, after years of absence from the family.  He apologized to all of us.  The gospel has the power to changes our lives.

Elder Bangerter:

  • My wife has raised our 6 sons.  She is my precious gem.
  • In 1980 I heard Elder LeGrand Richards speak when I was in the MTC.  He said, “God will awaken in you a knowledge of who you really are.”  I was touched by that thought.
  • I love people of other faiths.  They have said, “Will you help us develop a youth program in our church similar to what you have in your church.”  My response is always, “It is not my church.  It is the Lord’s church.  Let me tell you more about it.”
  • In Luke 5, Jesus is pressed upon by a crowd, wanting to hear his words.  He gets in Peter’s boat, floats just offshore, and speaks.  He then tells Peter to push off into the deep and let down his nets.  He catches a huge amount of fish, even though he had toiled all night without catching anything.  The Lord saw Peter not as a smelly, unsuccessful, downhearted fisherman, but as an apostle.  Jesus could see Peter’s greatness.  How does he see you?
  • The Lord will lead you to those whom He has prepared to be baptized.  The Lord will enter the minds and hearts of people BEFORE you meet them.
  • Do you shy away from telling people about repentance, worried that it will offend them or turn them away from hearing the rest of your message?  Repentance is a gift that frees us from the chains of sin and evil.  Repentance gives us a fresh view of God, it teaches us the beauties of the Atonement.  If you avoid teaching repentance, the Spirit will leave.  Repentance is not a back-up plan, it is THE plan.
  • I refer to senior missionaries and seasoned missionaries.
  • Please remember the following truths:
    • All of God’s children lived together in His presence.
    • All of us participated in the Grand Council in heaven.
    • We all fought for our agency.
    • Every soul you meet was on your team in the pre-mortal life.
    • We all are kindred spirits.
    • The light of Christ is given to all.
    • Regardless of their outward appearance or expression, every person you teach will respond spiritually to your message.
  • Fear has no place in missionary work.  Love casts out fear.
  • Jesus said, “He that sent me is with me…”
  • A beautiful cycle: faith leads to repentance, which leads to baptism, which leads to receiving the Holy Ghost, with strengthens faith, which leads to continuing repentance, which leads to other covenants (sacrament, priesthood, temple), which leads to Christ, which leads to enduring to the end.

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