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Sister Sharon Eubank of the General Presidency of the Relief Society

Tuesday devotional,  February 11, 2020

Tuesday devotional, Sister Sharon Eubank of the General Presidency of the Relief Society

Sister Eubank:

  • Sister Eubank had everyone stand and recite Doctrine and Covenants section 4.  She stated that she wanted to focus on verse 2 that says, “…serve Him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength…”.
  • Our hearts hold all our precious hopes and dreams, and they also get broken.  People’s hearts can be shattered and the people don’t realize that there is a Master Healer that can put broken hearts back together.
  • She spoke of Joseph of old who was sold into slavery by his brothers.  Everything in his life changed.  He had every right to say that this life was unfair and unjust, but he made the decision to live every aspect of his life in the best possible manner.  He would strive to be the best servant, the best prisoner, the best at everything.  He was given a wife who was not in the covenant, but later she did enter into the covenant race.   Joseph later met all of his brothers again  who had sold him away to slavery.  He forgave his brothers for all the grief and anguish they had caused to come into his life.
  • Missionaries, your message is forgiveness.  The Lord will strengthen you with every challenge or setback that you encounter.  A broken dish or bowl can become more precious when the pieces are carefully put together again and covered in gold.  God will make your challenges as precious as gold.
  • Sister Eubank spoke of ‘salt’.  There are various colors, types, and grinds of salt.  Just because there is salt in a shaker does not mean that the salt is good.  It is not what it looks like that counts, but how it tastes.  Likewise, just wearing a name badge does not make you a good missionary — it is your actions and focus that make a good missionary.  ‘Salty’ people make everyone around them better.
  • If your life is different than you planned, or if your mission is different than you anticipated, don’t throw it away.  Just know that God is good and will turn all things in your favor.  There should only be one thing you should be concerned about during your mission — ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.’  Salt is on every dinner table, but only a few shakers have the very best salt.
  • Sister Eubank’s mother used to say, “You know what needs to be done, so just do it.”   Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do on your missions — just do it.
  • She spoke of Michelangelo and the carving of the David statue.  The piece of marble that Michelangelo used had sat unused and unnoticed for 37 years because it had flaws in the marble.  However, Michelangelo did not reject the marble due to imperfections.  He worked around the imperfections.  See the potential in others rather than the imperfections.  Serve God with all your mind by looking for the positive potential in others.
  • Serve God with all your strength.  Take a leap of faith.  Jesus invited Martha to a new place to become a disciple.  She changed and became a disciple.  When her brother died, she had faith that Jesus could restore his life.
  • Doctrine and Covenants 4:5-7.  God is good, He adores all of His children, even the difficult ones (like us!).  He has called you to be a witness and a disciple.  Seek the Kingdom of God by just loving others.
  • Questions are the beginnings of revelation.
  • Keep your covenants through both the good times and the bad times.  This is the most important thing we can do.
  • Be salty missionaries and salty disciples.
  • She challenged the missionaries to discuss the following question in their devotional reviews: “What am I going to do to serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength?”  What will it ‘look like’ if you are serving in that manner?

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