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Sister Sharon Eubank of the General Presidency of the Relief Society

Tuesday devotional,  June 19, 2018 

Tuesday devotional, Sister Sharon Eubank of the General Presidency of the Relief Society

Sister Eubank:

  • I am so grateful for the Prophet Joseph.
  • What an incredible act of faith it was when Jacobeth put Moses in the ark and set him afloat.
  • Moses learned worldly things in Egypt, but knew little of religion.  He decided to be a priesthood holder. His life was a series of blind alleys.
    • Let my people go!
    • Lead 3 million people out of Egypt, Exodus 14:13.
    • What do I do now that we have no water!
  • Blind alleys are not problems for the Lord.  You will have numerous blind alleys on your missions.  See past any barriers. How did Moses develop his faith?
    • He learned who he really was. Your endowment is a Moses experience.  You learned who you are, who Jesus is, and how to be armed with power (see Doctrine and Covenants 109:22.  It is your birthright. Satan wants you to think that you have no chance.
    • Moses patiently worked on his own weaknesses.  The Lord said go and I will be your mouth. Trust the gifts that the Lord has given you. Trust your patriarchal blessing. Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.  An elder was called to Germany when he wanted to go to Finland. He loved his mission because he submitted his will to the will of the Father.
    • Moses took the LONG view! The quality of your service is more important than the number of baptisms.
  • Moses’ work continued even into the latter-days.  He appeared in the Kirtland Temple.  The gathering of Israel is the greatest work going on in the world today.  Serve, teach, testify. Use your gifts.

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