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missionrmn (President Nelson ** )

President and Sister Russell M. Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve

Tuesday devotional,  November 1, 2016

Sister Wendy Nelson:

  • President Nelson was set apart as the President of the Quorum of the Twelve on July 15, 2015
  • Pray to be led to those whose ancestors have accepted the gospel in the next life and are waiting for someone to do their work.
  • What do we know that the rest of the world doesn’t know?  1) What truly happened in the Garden of Eden  2) Baptism for the dead  3) Family history work.

President Nelson:

  • Become ‘living epistles’ for the Lord.  An epistle is an official letter or statement.  Paul stated that each missionary should be a living epistle, written in the fleshy tablets of the heart.  Make sure that the ‘law’ is inscribed in your HEART, be an EPISTLE!
  • Each missionary should have three objectives  1) to help gather scattered Israel 2) to help others to get sealed in the temple  3) and to prepare the earth for the 2nd coming of the Lord.
  • Gathering = missionary work.   In 1924, the year I was born, there were 600,000 members.  Now there are over 15 million. The Lord is hastening His work.  We need to keep up with the quickened pace.
  • The change in the age of missionary service was based on YOU, not on cost or baptisms or anything else; on YOU!  More youth will now serve.
  • The Church stands independent of earthly influences.  Let all who see you know you!
  • You must be obedient to earn the Lord’s physical and spiritual protection.  A mission is the ultimate obedience training.
  • Repentance is a complete change of mind and spirit.
  • The 2000 stripling warriors answered a call from a prophet.
  • Pornography is everywhere.  You will be blessed if you put your trust in God and shun all evil influences.
  • The important things in your life now are prayer, the influence of the Holy Ghost, scriptures, fasting, and your companion.
  • The Savior is not disappointed in anyone who sincerely repents.
  • When you return home, will you have Jesus inscribed in your hearts?  If you have only one convert, LET IT BE YOU!
  • There is no better way to get the gospel into your heart than to preach it to others.
  • We are not salesmen because we carry true doctrine to people without price.
  • Comprehend all of the doctrine of Christ.
  • The true measure of your success is when the children and grandchildren of your converts are sealed in the temple.  Generations yet unborn are interested in your missionary service.
  • With God, nothing is impossible.

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