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A very clever rejection!

In 1971, two hard-working missionaries in our mission, Elders Castor and Hodgeman, were proselyting in Napier, New Zealand.  One of their investigators left the following note on her door on a day they had a scheduled appointment with her:

“Although I admire what you do,
    Friend Mormons, I have a message for you.
Last time you came I would not appear,
   Though you probably knew that I was here.
In your discussion you’d be too clever for me,
   So this rhyme, instead, will speak to thee.
Most housewives just want to be left alone,
   If they have no beliefs, in time they’ll atone.
My views on religion are sure and clear,
   And they’ll never change in 100 years.
With your beliefs I could never agree,
   So try someone else, but definitely NOT ME!”

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