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Elder and Sister Paul Koelliker of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  July 18, 2017

Tuesday devotional, Elder Paul Koelliker, July 18, 2017

Sister Koelliker

  • A person who climbed Kilimanjaro said the most important thing of all is to choose a good guide.  Who should be our spiritual guides? Father, Son, Holy Ghost


Elder Koelliker

  • The temple is a “power source”.  Your testimonies should be raging storms, but under control.
  • In 1964 when he served in Germany, there were 12,000 missionaries.
  • We need to plug into the Holy Ghost.  We need to be “spirit-driven missionaries”.
  • Section 88 of the D&C talks about hastening the work “in my time, that I may make you clean”.  Verse 76 says to continue in prayer and fasting, and teach ye diligently.
  • Elder Packer was prone to say that the Lord is “raining down revelation” on us.
  • He wanted us to consider three visions:  1) Joseph Smith in a small house that contained all the priesthood holders in Kirtland, and he told them they had no idea of the growth of the Kingdom, that it would fill all of North and South America  2) in 1891, Elder Nelson’s grandfather was visited by his father who had passed away not long ago, and he said that the gospel is true, there are many waiting for their descendants to do their temple work, and that the missionary work is huge and all-encompassing.  He said he couldn’t stay long because he had so much work to do and assignments to fulfill. He also said that the deceased do not watch continuously what we are doing, because they are too busy. 3) Gordon B. Hinckley in 1998 and his vision of small temples. He announced 32 temples during the next year.
  • “I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.” — Joseph Smith
  • Satan is abroad in the land.
  • The Lord will cut short his work in righteousness.
  • Five Core Principles  1) Be in alignment with righteousness, follow the life of Christ, seek the Holy Ghost, seek temple blessings, obey covenants, act in faith  2) Serve without concern for recognition; love should be the motivation for all service 3) Be responsible, be anxiously engaged, don’t react – ACT  4) Build trust and respect, be a shepherd, not a hireling 5) Be open to continuous learning, daily Book of Mormon reading
  • Lucifer has three main tactics:  1) contention 2) praise of men 3) darkness
  • Main concerns of our lives should be  1) Godhead 2) Family 3) Neighbors
  • Discover your spiritual gifts and use them  ( use them or lose them ) Where can you discover your spiritual gifts?  Scriptures, patriarchal blessing, prayer, temple, leaders
  • Discover the power of the Light early on in your missions.

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