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missionparley (Parley’s mission to Canada ** )

Parley P. Pratt’s remarkable mission to Toronto, Canada — Faith and perseverance

Elder Parley P. Pratt responded to a mission call to Toronto, Canada under incredibly challenging circumstances (a very sick and pregnant wife, a new farm that had not yet been prepared for crops, essentially no funds available, etc.).  He was miraculously provided for as he made his arduous way to Toronto, and was again miraculously provided with the name of ‘JOHN TAYLOR’ as a person in Toronto who ‘might be interested’ in Parley’s message.  This one mission was responsible for the conversion of John Taylor (future President of the Church), Leonora Cannon Taylor (John Taylor’s wife), George Cannon (Leonora’s brother and father of George Q. Cannon, future apostle and First Presidency member, Joseph Fielding (does that name sound familiar?), and Joseph’s sister who became Hyrum Smith’s wife.  Also, Leonora’s brother was a minister of another church in England, and because of her affiliation with the Church, this brother opened his church to the missionaries of our Church as they began proselyting in his community, and effectively opening a door by which the gospel was introduced to that part of England.  President Monson was fond of saying that the doorway to the opening of the work in England was via Toronto, Canada!

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