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STIMULATOR message for the week of December 26, 1972

Message from President Merlin W. Sant, December 26, 1972

Dear fellow missionaries:

First we want to thank you for all your lovely cards and letters.  It pleased us and gladdened our hearts to be remembered by so many.  This being our first and only Christmas away from home and loved ones, your expressions of friendship and love are deeply appreciated.

In just a few days we will see the beginning of a New Year, another year in which to build the Kingdom by teaching and baptizing families.  So we wish you a happy and prosperous new year, that you will be happier than ever before in your missionary calling and will be prosperous beyond your fondest hopes in baptizing families.

It is traditional to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year.  Since we know ourselves better than anyone else, we should each make our own goals.  But to help us accomplish the new year’s wish mentioned above, may we suggest these:

  1. This year I will rededicate my time and talents to the Lord and to the building of His kingdom.
  2. I will strive to teach and baptize families.
  3. I will seek out, teach, and unite part member families through baptism.
  4. I will be prepared always to teach by the spirit through study and prayer, and by always remembering Him and keeping His commandments.
  5. I will honor my calling by always thinking, acting, and looking like a missionary.
  6. I will love my companion even as I love the Lord.

Many more could be added to this list and we hope you do add some of our own devising.  But whatever you choose of these resolutions for the year ahead, write them down, so you won’t forget what they are.  When we interview you at the zone conferences in February we would like each of you to show us what you have determined for yore goals.

As we close this year, let’s forgive and forget own our shortcomings and those that others may have.  Thus we can start the New Year with a clean slate.  We want you to know that we love and appreciate everyone of you and we are proud to be associated with you in this, the Lord’s work.  May He bless and prosper you abundantly in the new year.

Faithfully yours,

President and Sister Sant

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