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The Nine Absolutes — nine keys to spiritual well-being

The Nine Absolutes that lead to spiritual well-being and possession of the Spirit:

  1. SCRIPTURES —   Feasting — daily feasting upon the scriptures for at least 30 minutes — should include the Book of Mormon — 2 Nephi 4:15 
  2. PRAYER Intent — heart-felt personal prayer every morning and night — Enos 1:4
  3. FASTING Purpose — a meaningful fast with a purpose every month — Alma 17:3
  4. DUTYAct ! — learn our duties and responsibilities, and then carry them out — D&C 135:3
  5. SERVICESelflessservice to another person or group daily, planned or spontaneous — Acts 10:38
  6. SABBATH DAY Sign — show respect for the Lord by honoring His day, let your actions be your “sign” to Him of your love and devotion — Ezekiel 20:12
  7. TITHES & OFFERINGSFull and generous — the payment of a full tithing and of a generous fast offering monthly — Malachi 3:10
  8. TEMPLECovenants — attendance at the temple and reflection on sacred temple covenants regularly — 2 Nephi 5:16
  9. MEETINGSWorship — faithful attendance at all church meetings every Sabbath, with the desire to worship the Lord — Moroni 6:5-6

Mnemonic to assist in remembering these nine absolutes:

  • Some  (Scriptures)
  • People  (Prayer)
  • Find  (Fasting)
  • Daily (Duty)
  • Scripture  (Service)
  • Study  (Sabbath)
  • Tough  (Tithing)
  • T (Temple)
  • Master  (Meetings)

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