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missionmtr (Elder Ringwood ** )

Elder and Sister Michael T. Ringwood

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sister Ringwood (President Nelson’s 8th daughter) 

  • To memorize the words to ‘More Holiness Give Me’ was my New Years’ resolution one year.
  • I know my father would want me to tell you that he loves you and is pleased with your service.
  • Endure to the end.  Endure means to last, continue, or remain firm and reliable
  • Endurance to the end is more about loyalty and integrity than stamina and strength.
  • Be faithful — my lot is cast with the apostles and prophets no matter what.  This is an inner commitment.

Elder Ringwood

  • Mosiah 7:19-23  Put your trust, serve with all diligence, He will bless you.
  • I was the most homesick and anxious missionary in the history of the church during my service in Korea.  I would sing “I Need Thee Every Hour” every minute.
  • Homesickness and anxiety are the most normal parts of missionary work.  If you have it, you are normal.
  • 2 Kings 4 – “It fell on a day…”  In verse 8, a Shumanite woman and Elisha.  She made a room and a place for Elisha.  She was blessed with a child.  He brought a dead child back to life.  This is evidence that God is in the details of our lives.
  • “It fell on a day”.  A man was at a hospital with his disabled daughter, receiving bad news about her cardiac disease.  He was wishing that he could be home listening to General Conference, then he had the thought to go to the LDS app to listen.  He was only able to hear 25 seconds of the conference before the cardiologist came in with the bad news.  Those 25 seconds were of Elder Nelson saying that “Some of God’s choicest spirits are send to earth in disabled bodies”.  President Nelson later related that he had prepared that talk weeks ahead and didn’t understand why he was including that particular statement because it didn’t really fit with the rest of the talk.  But he kept it in the talk.  Those 25 seconds changed this brother’s life.
  • “It fell on a day.”  A young man went to Especially For Youth as a high-school student and heard Brad Wilcox speak several times.  Brother Wilcox noticed this young man and sought him out.  He told him that one day he would be a great missionary.  This young man was an excellent baseball pitcher and was offered first $250,000 by the New York Mets, then $500,000, then $1,000,000.  As he was about to close the deal, the memory of Brother Wilcox and the famous missionary statement came into his mind.  He didn’t sign the deal but instead went on a mission.  Before he left, his fast ball was clocked at 80 mph.  When he returned, it was clocked at 90 mph.  He played at Stanford and BYU and was signed by the Kansas City Royals.  He later served as a mission president, and had a young missionary come to his mission that had made a similar decision.
  • Testify — put your trust in the Lord and you will see His hand in your life.  You will have your moments.  Look for them.  When I was homesick and anxious, I didn’t like my mission at all.  When I put my trust in the Lord, I loved my mission.

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