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missionmrb3 (Elder Ballard ** )

Elder M. Russell Ballard, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Tuesday devotional,  March 6, 2018

Tuesday devotional, Elder M. Russell Ballard, Tuesday, March 6, 2018

  • President Ballard started by telling the missionaries that their missions would bless them for the rest of your lives.  He said that this is the Lord’s missionary training center, and that you are His missionaries.
  • President Ballard then announced that he was going to field questions from the missionaries.  Here are the questions that were asked:
    • How do I know that I am teaching by the Spirit?  Answer: Maintain eye contact with your investigators.  You will receive impressions and inspirations as you look into their eyes and as they look into yours.
    • How can we know how God feels about our missionary service?  Relax. Be yourself. Be true to God. This is divine, eternal work.  When we are worthy, things will be settled in your life and you will know that God is pleased with you.  Don’t be in a rush. Be still and know that God is God. Keep a happy countenance.
    • How can I know that I am giving my all to the Lord?  By asking wise questions about what you have taught. See if your investigators learned something from you.  Don’t ask a lot of questions about their families or situations. Stick to the gospel. 
    • How can I influence my non-member friends at home?  Love the Lord, be obedient. The church did an extensive survey and asked real investigators about what was the most important or outstanding thing that you learned or experienced during that discussion?  The answer was – I was impressed by the dedication of the missionary. We no longer want rote memorization, we want you to explain things in your own words, with your own spirit. 
    • Why is there such a big difference between the personality of the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament.  Answer by Richard Holzapfel – Jesus tailored his message and behavior to the groups he was dealing with. The people in the Old Testament were doubters, disobeyers, naysayers, and he dealt with them thusly.  The people in the New Testament often had faith and desire.
    • How can I encourage friends to serve missions?  Answer: Be watchful for spiritual experiences and share them with your friends.  Don’t try to preach to them. That doesn’t work. Write home with great missionary experiences.
    • Why was Jesus different in the pre-mortal life?  Answer: Jesus is the Firstborn, chosen from the very beginning.  His priesthood assignment was to be a creator then, and his assignment here was to be a Redeemer and Savior.  Our callings were determined before we came to earth. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
    • How can we help investigators to grow spiritually?  Teach them that they have to ASK on their own.
    • If an investigator isn’t progressing, should we drop them and move on?  Answer: that is an individual decision, follow the spirit.
    • I feel inadequate, I don’t know enough, I have only been a member for 18 months.  Answer: You are in the army of the Lord. We and you will move forward. Stay in step.  The gospel has been restored. Can you imagine how inadequate I felt when I was called to fill a vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve?  You can do this with Jesus’ help.
    • Why do we stress the need of baptism here in this life if everyone is going to get the chance in the next life?  Answer: It is so much easier to repent here on earth while you have your physical body. He read from Section 138 about missionary work continuing in the “world of darkness”.
    • How does the Savior play a role in our successes?  Answer: Your greatest challenge will be the apathy of the people.  If you can end each day by saying that you gave your all and I did my best, you are a successful missionary.  You have the truth and you are sent to teach the people. Talk to as many people as you can.
    • How do I get rid of my pride?  Answer: Anchor your heart to the Savior.  That will cause you to surrender any feelings of pride.  Say to Him, I now turn myself over to You. Don’t be self-centered.  This work is not about you. It is about God and Jesus.



  • He concluded with a statement that our mission is to the world.  The Father will bless you with excitement and confidence.  I bless you that you will know how much Jesus loves you. Cast away doubt and wonderment!  Jesus is the Christ and he will smile upon you! 

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