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Elder and Sister Matthew L. Carpenter of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  October 30, 2018

Elder and Sister Carpenter spoke together at the pulpit during their message to the missionaries.

  • President Eyring recently addressed 69 newly-called temple presidents and their wives.  He said to them, “Some of you are having doubts about why you were called, and about your ability to succeed in your callings.  I tell you that those doubts are not from heaven. Those doubts are part of the adversary’s plots.  Banish those doubts!  They are not of God.  You have been called of God.  You were fore-ordained to this service.”  Elder Carpenter said that this admonition applies to missionaries who have doubts also.  Banish the doubts with the help of heaven!
  • Sister Carpenter asked, “What is the next covenant that you are working towards?”  She told the missionaries that their next covenant would be the ‘new and everlasting covenant’ of marriage in a temple.  The message she and her husband want to share this evening is about the importance of ‘companionships’.
  • She reported that when President Monson and the apostles decided to lower the age for full-time missionary service, President Monson said one of the prime motivating reasons for making this change is because he wanted to see more temple marriages!
  • President Nelson said that he wanted to begin his service as Church president with the ‘end’ in mine, that ‘end’ being celestial marriage in the temples, creating eternal families.  Baptism is the gateway to many more blessings.  Salvation is a personal matter; exaltation is a family matter.
  • Missionaries should point people to the temple, not just to the baptismal font.
  • Sister Carpenter talked about missionary companionships in which the companions don’t have much in common.  She showed a picture of an egret sitting on the back of a water buffalo.  Although these two “companions” are incredibly different, they help each other in vitally important ways.  The egret eats insects off of the buffalo’s hide, and the buffalo scares away potential predators from the egrets.  She assured the missionaries that it is ‘okay’ to be different.  You can have a wonderful, harmonious companionship even though you have many differences.  Canadian geese have wonderful companionships.  They fly in a V formation, preserving their strength and sharing leadership.
  • We should not campaign for leadership.  Magnify and be grateful for your current position.
  • Why were Alma and Amulek such wonderful companions?  Amulek took Alma into his house, Amulek backed up Alma, they bore witness of each other’s divine callings, Alma testified of Amulek’s holy words, Amulek spoke kindly of Alma, Amulek testified of the truthfulness of Alma’s words, and many other things.  Will you support and sustain and bless your companions?  Amulek gave up everything to serve (family, wealth, prosperity).  Alma referred to Amulek as a ‘brother’ at least three times?  Will you feel that way about your companions?
  • Why does the Lord send us out 2 by 2?  See D&C 42:6.  Protection against danger and temptation.  Be aware, missionaries, that you can be sent home if you are aware that your companion is sinning and you do nothing to prevent the tragedy.
  • Sister Carpenter told about the experience of one of their sons during his mission.  On a given morning, he suffered a stroke.  His companion literally saved his life because he was aware, in tune, and inspired.  As they were transporting the ailing missionary in an ambulance, both he and his companion shared the gospel message with the EMT’s in the ambulance.
  • The Savior taught both ‘blessings’ and ‘consequences’.  He said what needed to be said.  He offered His followers both opportunities and choices.  Choose to do what is right.  Become the very best you can be.  Be vulnerable to constructive criticism, don’t take offence, be trustworthy, don’t take advantage of your companions, be open, believe that God puts you with every companion for a reason.
  • In looking for an eternal companion, keep three lists — 1) What I want  2) What I can’t live with  3) What I need.
  • With every companion, ask yourself – ‘What can I learn from this companion?  What does the Lord want me to do to bless this companion’s life?
  • You are noble spirits, you are on the finest team, you are the Lord’s finest players, you are heroes!  President Nelson.

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