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missionmissioncon050519 (May 2019, Mission Conference ** )

Missionary Conference — Sunday, May 5, 2019

Mission Conference, Sunday, May 5 2019

1/  President Rahlf, general instructions concerning devices

  • D&C 42:6 tells us that we are to preach the gospel TWO BY TWO, as with the voice of a trump, even as angels.
  • The use of devices includes the TWO BY TWO mandate.  You are to never use your device individually, always 2×2.  If you are using your device alone, without your companion being an integral part of the endeavor, you are out of line.  If your companion cannot see the screen, you are out of line.
  • You are not to communicate in any way with members of the opposite sex, missionary or non-missionary (except your mother).  Never.
  • Be one!  Make sure your companion can see and is seeing your screen, review each other’s post and communications, review the use of your device with your leaders, undergo device audits.
  • Here at the MTC you are not to communicate with other missionaries, no group chats, no hangouts, etc.
  • Once again, never use a device alone!

2/ Sister Watson

  • Here is a photo of our 1-year old grandson as he crawled up to the Christus statue.  He was mesmerized!
  • We should be ‘looking up’ to Christ every Sunday as we partake of the Sacrament.
  • Examples of true reverence include the Celestial room in temples, baptismal services, and hopefully our sacrament services.
  • We recently attended a sacrament meeting and so much appreciated the branch president reminding his missionaries of the sanctity of the sacrament service.
  • Turn your sins over to Him.  He lives, His arms are open to us.

3/ President Watson, a district president

  • How beautiful upon the mountains are your feet.
  • I learned to keep the Sabbath Day holy even being raised on a farm.
  • We did the minimum work we could on Sundays and then worshiped the Lord.
  • Twenty years ago I attended a meeting in the Salt Lake Temple with the First Presidency and the Twelve.  The sacrament was administered and passed by the Twelve.  I will never forget the feelings of that experience.  I felt ONE with Jesus.  I thought of the words of the hymn: “I marvel that He would descend from His throne divine, to rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine”.

4/ Sister Titensor

  • Always be meditating and serving.  If something is important, we should be prepared.  Have I prepared myself to partake of the Sacrament?  Do my actions reflect my preparations?

4/ President Titensor

  • Sabbath Day behavior is a reflection of my commitment to the Savior.
  • What ‘sign’ do I want to give to the Lord by my Sunday behavior?  No checklist mentality, a worship mentality.
  • I at one time interviewed a recently returned missionary for his temple recommend.  With each question, he pondered for a significant length of time and answered only when he was sure of his answer.  It was a touching, meaningful experience that I will never forget.  He taught me much about proper worshipful attitude.

5/ Sister LeSueur

  • The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me.  Hymns invite the Spirit.  Some of our greatest sermons are ‘sung’.
  • President Oaks gave a conference address entitled “Worship Through Music”.  He at one time slipped in unnoticed to a Sacrament meeting.  He was appalled when he noticed that 1/3 of the congregation did not sing the Sacrament song.  Don’t let yourselves get neglectful of important things.
  • Secular should never replace the sacred.
  • Music in our meetings is not for performance or show, but for reverence and worship.
  • A choir sang at the birth of Jesus, and He sang a hymn with his apostles during the Last Supper.
  • Use hymns more.  We should ‘sing the song of redeeming love’ as noted by Alma

6/ President LeSueur

  • D&C 107:3 — “…the ORDER of the Son of God…”  To me the word ORDER implies organization, prupose, planning, structure, preparation.
  • For a limited use recommend it only requires a bishops’ interview.  Baptism is an Aaronic Priesthood function.  For a full-use recommend, you meet with your bishop (Presiding High Priest in his ward) and the Stake President (President of the High Priesthood in his stake).
  • The law of witnesses also applies.  You are the first witness, the bishop is the second witness, the stake president is the 3rd witness.
  • An ordinance is a ceremony under the direction of the priesthood that signified a covenant with the Lord and is enshrined in symbolism.
  • A covenant is a commitment to Heavenly Father.  You can witness an ordinance but not a covenant.
  • Some ordinances and covenants in the temple are Aaronic Priesthood functions (inward ordinances) and some are Melchizedek Priesthood functions (outward).
  • Bishops are ordained to the office of bishop and set apart as common judges.  Stake Presidents are presidents of the Melchizedek Priesthood in their stakes and they are also common judges.
  • You settle your tithing only with your bishop because it is an Aaronic Priesthood function.
  • When we step away from order, we forget why we do what we do.  Our actions become “dancing without music”.
  • Story by Wilford Anderson:  a native American Indian medicine man went to a rural clinic, feeling very ill.  When he was finally taken back to an exam room, the doctor asked him what was wrong.  The Indian simply said to the doctor, “Can you dance?”  The doctor asked if he were a medicine man.  He said yes.  The doctor said, “No, I cannot dance, but can you teach me?”  The Indian replied, “I can teach you to dance, but I can’t teach you to hear the music.
  • The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God are the ‘music’ we need to hear.

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