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Missionary Conference, Sunday, November 4, 2018

Mission Conference, Sunday, November 4, 2018

1/ Sister Stratton

  • Elder Bednar stated that we should have faith in the plan of salvation to save us and faith in the everlasting covenants.
  • You are fulfillment of prophecy as you gather Israel.  Israel began to be gathered as soon as the Book of Mormon came forth.  Without the Book of Mormon there would be no gathering.

2/ President Stratton

  • Article of Faith 10 speaks of the gathering.  The gathering is a prelude to the Second Coming.  The gathering assumes an organized, closely directed, holy effort.

3/ Sister Gilbert

  • Prepare for the Second Coming, find scattered Israel, minister in holy ways.
  • What does ‘holy ministering’ look like in the MTC?
  • How did Jesus minister in a holier way?  1) Feeding the 5000.  He ministered to the young boy who supplied the meager food.  Imagine how his faith was lifted.  The Twelve were ministered to as they distributed the food.  2) Daughter of Jairus.  He loved Jairus and his wife.  He ushered skeptics out of the house.  He ministered to Peter, James, and John.  3) Cleansing of the temple.
  • We should love those around us enough to lift and inspire them.   Love enough to lift.

4/ President Gilbert

  • “Why are ye so fearful?  Why have ye no faith?” as he calmed the seas.  Satan wants us to be fearful.

5/ Sister Martino

  • I was born with a testimony of Christ, but didn’t join His church until my late teens.  We are what we believe.
  • Use the correct name of the Church.

6/ President Martino

  • How do we minister?  By becoming as He is.
  • Why should we be concerned with the ‘small’ rules?  1 Nephi 2:16 describes Nephi’s sacred grove.
  • Alma the Younger in Alma 5:46.  Put your spiritual activities on Auto Pilot – do them every day.
  • What about the lesser commandments as a missionary?  The small things?  Miracles come to those who behave even in the small items.
  • Obligatory obedience vs. obedience driven by love.  Alma 19:33.  Hearts changed.  Moroni 8:16
  • Speak with boldness, because you have authority from God. Perfect love casteth out fear.
  • You are on your own personal journey to personal exaltation.

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