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missionmisscon092919 (September 29, 2019 ** )

Missionary Conference — Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mission Conference, Sunday, September 29, 2019.  The conference theme was the ‘Discipleship on the Sabbath’.  President Titensor reminded all ecclesiastical leaders to ’embrace’ their new assignments.  Ecclesiastical leaders will now be moved from branch to branch on a regular basis.

1/  Sister Rahlf:

  • The Sabbath is a day for renewal, cherishing, reading, delighting, reverence, peace, and prayer.
  • #1 – The Sabbath is a gift:
    • It is the Lord’s day, a day of rest and worship.  It should be a real rest from the rigors of daily life.
    • It should not be a day of amusement or a day of work.
    • We should direct all our actions to God on His day.  We should ponder spiritual matters and feed our souls.
    • Our gift to the Lord should be found in the way we honor his sacred day.
  • #2 – The Sabbath is a holy day:
    • It is not just another common day.  This day is set apart for worship and teaching.
    • It is a day for the sacrament, which is the most sacred hour of our entire week.
    • It is a day of remembering the Atonement of Jesus personally and gratefully.
    • It should be a day of quiet listening to the Spirit (“…this do in remembrance of me…”).
  • #3 – The Sabbath is a ‘sign’ to the Lord:
    • The Sabbath should remind us of our covenants to God.
    • The way we honor or disregard the Sabbath is a reflection of our commitment to the Lord.
    • The way we honor the Sabbath is a sign of our love.
    • The Sabbath should not be a list of do’s and don’ts, or a checklist.
  • Sister Rahlf told of a time in her life when she was excited to become a ski instructor, but the training was held on Sunday.  On her first Sunday, she put on her ski clothes as her roommates put on their Sunday clothes.  She only got a little way down the road when she realized that she could not slander the Sabbath Day in this way, and she turned around.  She gave up on her dream to be an instructor.

2/ President Rahlf

  • The purpose of ecclesiastical leaders is to help the young missionaries achieve their purpose.
  • There are many standards for disciples of Jesus.  The definition of a disciple is one who follows Jesus and lives by His teachings.
  • President Nelson has instructed us to persuade our missionaries to become lifelong disciples of Jesus.
  • Match His Message will now be called The Discipleship Seminar.
  • We will no longer have district councils on Sunday mornings.
  • Some activities that missionaries can do during their study time on Sunday include:
    • Read and ponder your patriarchal blessing
    • Write sincere thank you notes to others
    • Write in your journal
    • Enjoy personal and/or companion study
    • Memorize scriptures
    • Rest
    • Research a gospel topic in the scriptures
    • Prepare a talk
    • Go on a Sunday walk
    • Watch the Bible or Book of Mormon videos

3/ Sister LeSueur

  • Moroni 10:32 reminds us to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him, to deny ourselves of all ungodliness, and to love God with all our heart, mind, might, and strength.
  • We need to display self discipline, self control.
  • What is a disciple? One who is obedient to Jesus and forsakes sin.
  • Disciple comes at a price, but it is a price worth paying.  The price we pay is insignificant compared to the blessings we receive.
  • We should carry our cross daily through self mastery and self denial.
  • We need to honor and hallow the Sabbath — we should find great delight in the Lord.
  • We need to offer up our sacraments on the Lord’s holy day.

4/ President LeSueur

  • Discipleship is the zenith of conversion.  A disciple applies all that he or she believes.
  • Discipleship is all about ‘becoming’.

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