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Mission Conference – September 2, 2018

Mission Conference — 09/02/18

  • Sister Hicken 
    • Served in Kenya Nairobi, what is the great attribute of God? It is Love!
    • Love one another as I have loved you.
    • She was baptized at age 17 because “the doctrine had a familiar ring to it”.
    • “The Gospel is a hospital for the sick, not a monastery for the perfect.”. Be one, be purified.
  • The Rahlf’s
    • What makes materials ‘glow in the dark’.  Excited electrons first move to an orbit of greater energy, and the emit photons as they drop back down to lower orbits.  The electrons are motivated.
    • What motivates you?
      • Fear – does the Lord use fear as a motivator? Yes
      • Reward – Does the Lord use reward?  Does the Lord us reward? D&C 89:18-21 and Malachi 3:10-12
      • Love – see John 14:15 and D&C 42:29. How can we move from the ‘fear’ level to the ‘love’ level?  Use the pattern of Alma the Younger – he first feared punishment, then sought the promised reward, but ultimately loved the Lord and pled for mercy. Focus on Jesus!
  • Sister Martino
    •  Become #1 in the little things.  
    • Elder Holland is quite sure that at the judgement bar, the Lord will ask us if we loved him (Peter, feed my lambs).
    • All things shall be added unto you. Make it your first priority. If we don’t choose God first, it will make little difference what it was that we did choose as first.  
    • Sister Martino’s priorities – God, spouse, children, external family, church, education, profession. Don’t ever put God in the #2 position.
    • What scriptures motivates you?  Jacob 2, seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
  • President Martino
    • We are really brothers and sisters because God is really our father.  
    • We cannot really love God without loving others.
    • Peter:
      • His mother-in-law was blessed by Jesus
      • He watched the Savior feed the 5000
      • He walked on water
      • He asked about 70 times 7  
      • He was rebuked by Jesus (get thee behind me, Satan)
      • He watched Jesus heal the daughter of Jairus.
      • From these he learned the importance of priesthood blessings, that He will feed us, that we need to stay focused, that he will forgive us, that we should not take offense.

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