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missionmisscon070118 (Mission conference ** )

Mission Conference – July 1, 2018

Mission Conference — 07/01/2018

  • Sister Watson
    • President Nelson’s instructions on receiving revelation.  Joseph Smith sought knowledge, humbled himself, studied the word of God, sought God
  • President Watson
    • I learn from my wife whenever I hear her speak
    • Have eyes to see, ears to hear.  Heavenly Father will give you His secrets by thoughts, feelings, impressions.  The spirit speaks quietly.
  • Sister Rahlf
    • Don’t live below your privileges
  • President Rahlf
    • Stories from his life when he received revelation
  • Sister Martino
    • Steps to receive revelation  1) Clear it up and clean it up  2) Believe you can receive it 3) Put God first  4) Use the Book of Mormon 5) Do what you are prompted to do
  • President Martino
    • When you bear your testimony, always include a testimony of Jesus
    • Discernment, see 1 Corinthians 2:14  spiritually discerned. Some of you need to cleanse the inner vessel.  If you don’t, works will choke in your throat as you try to discuss spiritual things.
    • President Holland shook the hands of all missionaries in a mission.  He then told the mission president that all was well in his mission with three exceptions.  There were three missionaries that needed to repent.
    • Marion G. Romney – I have found that if I talk too much about or take too lightly the spiritual revelations I receive, the Lord loses trust in me and guidance ceases. See Alma 26:22
    • God himself will be your tutor.
    • Elder Bednar gave an apostolic blessing to the new mission presidents.

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