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Missionary Conference — Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mission Conference, Sunday, February 5, 2017

  • Sister Gilbert:
    • We need to focus on the attributes of Christ.
    • Faith, hope, and charity apply to all the characteristics of Christ.
    • Elder Bednar stresses that there is no ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘my’ or ‘mine’ in service.
    • She emphasized various aspects of the story of Jairus’ daughter. “Love enough to lift”.
  • President Gilbert:
    • Study Preach My Gospel chapter 6. 
    • Follow Christ; become like Him. 
    • Ponder Alma 7:23 and discover that our faith must be centered in Christ. 
    • The joy we experience in this life is in direct proportion to the love we have for the Savior.
  • Sister Martino:
    • Who should you follow, a straying companion or the Lord?  Don’t put your companions in a situation where they have to choose between you and Heavenly Father, or to choose between the rules and you. 
    • How did Peter move from ‘testimony’ to ‘convert’? He served!
  • President Martino:
    • Consider the interaction between Christ and Peter:
      • Peter was admonished to feed his lambs and sheep.
      • Peter was set apart.
      • Peter walked on water by having faith in Jesus. He only floundered when he took his eyes off the Savior. 
      • Peter was told to forgive others no less than 490 times, so we should forgive your companions.
      • Peter declared his testimony of Christ.
      • The Lord rebuked Peter when he said things against revelation or divine will, so don’t go against your leaders.
      • The Savior washed Peter’s feet.  Be grateful, give service to all.
      • Peter was admonished that when he was fully converted, he should then strengthen others. Conversion is of the heart.
      • Christ asked Peter, “Sleepest thou? Could ye not watch one hour?”  How long will you watch?
      • Peter cuts off an ear. Once again he lost sight of the divine commission of Jesus.
      • Peter jumped in the water when he realized the resurrected Lord was on the shore.  No more neutral ground, and don’t return to fishing. Go forth.
      • Christ asked Peter, “Lovest thou me”, with each question somewhat more intense than the first.
      • John 21:21-22. Don’t worry about leadership positions. Just do what you have been called to do. Worry only about your conversion, which is a lifelong process.

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