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Missionary Conference — Sunday, February 3, 2019

Mission Conference, Sunday, February 3, 2019

1/  Sister Titensor

  • Today’s theme is long-term conversion, both yours and ours.  No one should fall away.
  • Stay in the center!  Stay centered in Christ!  In Lehi’s dream, you would want to ‘stay by the tree’
  • Jesus will bind up broken hearts.

2/ President Titensor

  • The Book of Mormon came first, even before the Restoration.  It teaches the plan of salvation and the Atonement of Christ.
  • Why is the Book of Mormon so important?   It solidifies our relationship to God.  It teaches us how to come unto Jesus, in an ongoing, continual, pattern of conversion
  • What are we converted to?  It should be Jesus, His doctrine, His gospel, His name.
  • “What we insistently desire, God will facilitate.” — Elder Maxwell

3/ Sister Rahlf

  • “It is not about discipline, but about devotion.”  Pavarotti, when asked how he developed the discipline to become great.
  • Conversion = lasting devotion.
  • Elder Holland said that the first great commandment is to love God with all your might, mind, and strength.  The first great TRUTH is that God loves us with all His might, mind, and strength.
  • You will be a miracle in the lives of those you meet.  Love makes all the difference.

4/ President Rahlf

  • In Alma 5, the phrase “a mighty change was wrought” appears 3 times
  • A Sister Rafi in the Philippines made her husband sleep under the porch of their shack when he joined the Church.  She wanted nothing to do with it.  She chopped a copy of the Book of Mormon with a machete.  Brother Rafi slept under the house for nine years.  At one point their little boy was deathly ill.  Sister Rafi allowed the missionaries to come and give him a blessing.  He was healed within 24 hours.  She finally softened her heart, accepted the missionaries and the Book of Mormon, and was baptized.  She and her husband were sealed in the Manila temple.  This is the power of conversion.
  • Have we experienced a mighty change in our heart?  Do we have Christ’s image in our countenance?  Are we new creatures in Christ?  Have we spiritually been born of God?

4/ Sister LeSeuer

  • Conversion is usually small changes over a lifetime, but how do we stay converted?  The gospel should be the defining focus in our lives.
  • In Ezekiel it states the the Lord will give us a new heart
  • What things make the difference in returned missionaries staying active?  Prayer, Book of Mormon, obedience, having plans and goals, Sunday worship, seeking the Spirit.

5/ President LeSeuer

  • What is an ordinance?  A rule or law enacted by a municipality.  Our municipality is the Kingdom of God, and we are ‘municipals’.
  • Nicodemus came to Christ in the night so as not to be detected.  The Savior told him he needed to receive the ordinances.
  • The ordinances are not optional — they are essential.
  • An ordinance is also a sacred ceremony which must be performed under priesthood authority  The covenant clothes the ceremony with rich symbolism.
  • You don’t SEE a covenant.  It is a personal and private agreement or commitment between God and the person receiving the covenant.
  • Don’t separate an ordinance from its covenant.

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