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Missionary Conference — Sunday, January 6, 2019

Mission Conference, Sunday, January 6, 2019

1/  Sister Kathy Swensen

  • Our theme is Keep On The Covenant Path
  • We all made covenants in the pre-mortal existence to do what God expects of us.  The path starts with baptism, continues with Sacrament renewal, includes Priesthood covenants, and the crowning covenants are made in the temple.
  • We must remain true to earn our exaltation.  An absence of trials was never promised – the path is arduous.

2/ Brother Swensen

  • Making covenants is not a “check list”.  The covenant path implies movement, action, energy.  Christ marked the path and led the way, and every point defines, To light and life and endless day, where God’s full presence shines.”
  • The path:  1) is marked by Christ  2) is an upward spiral   3) requires constant focus and attention  4) is strict and rigorous  5) is not traveled alone, because we have God, Christ, and the Spirit to accompany us  6) is open to all and we should invite others to join us on the path  7) can be rejoined if we have made mistakes in the past.

3/ Sister Gilbert

  • If our focus is on ourselves (me, my, I, I want, I need) then we do not have the proper attitude to walk the path
  • Righteousness is doing good works with a receptive heart.

4/ President Gilbert

  • The story from Luke 10.  What shall I do that I might obtain eternal life?  Eternal life is God’s life, His greatest gift to us.
  • What is written in the Law?  To love God and our neighbors.  You have said correctly.
  • Have you studied your question on your own?  Go thou and do likewise.
  • The Samaritan represents Jesus, but we can also be Good Samaritans to others.

4/ Sister Martino

  • Decide now what your priorities are:  1) God  2) Spouse  3) Children  4) Church  5) Education  6) Employment  7) Community
  • Focus your eyes on the temple.  What direction am I facing?
  • Strengthen your weaknesses
  • Focus on your feet, not on your mouth.  Movement is much more important than just talking.  Proverbs 4:26
  • She showed a wonderful picture that shows the Savior passing the Sacrament to an LDS congregation.  The wounds in his hands and wrists are very evident.  A little boy is reaching out to Jesus
  • What lack I yet?  D&C 109:22

5/ President Martino

  • Proverbs 29:18   Where there is no vision, the people perish.  Lehi admitted to his wife that he was indeed a visionary man.  We should all become visionary missionaries!
  • Romans 8:16-17   We are children of God and heirs of all that He has
  • Jesus has shown us the way, He is the perfect example, and He has commanded us to become like Him!

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