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Sister Michelle D. Craig, First Counselor in General Young Women Presidency

and her husband Boyd 

Tuesday devotional,  July 30, 2019

Tuesday devotional, Sister Michelle D. Craig of the General Young Women presidency, and her husband Boyd

Brother Craig:

  • We believe in you.  Our trust is in you.
  • I met my wife due to my service as a young missionary.  I served in Switzerland.  After my mission, I returned to Switzerland and stayed in the mission home.  My future wife’s brother was serving as a missionary and I met him.  We became friends.  After his mission was completed, he and I ended up in the same class at BYU.  Michelle was serving her mission, but returned not long thereafter.  I was invited to their family for dinner.  I asked Michelle to tell me about her mission.  She literally ‘lit-up’ with enthusiasm.  I said to myself, “I want to marry someone with that kind of love for the gospel”.  I did.  I married her!
  • Have you asked yourself, “Will I succeed as a missionary?  Will I measure up?”
  • Jesus said to his disciples at the Last Supper, “If you love me, keep my commandments.”
  • He also said, “Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you, and have sent you forth to ye should bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain.  If ye abide in me, I will abide in you.  I am the vine and ye are the branches.  Without me ye can do nothing.”
  • The key to success is to be connected to Jesus.
  • Hold fast to the Book of Mormon.  It is the best connection to Him.
  • I recently read the Book of Mormon.  Out of the 531 pages in the Book of Mormon, 509 contain at least one reference to Christ.  Of the 224 chapters, 220 mention Christ.
  • You have been chosen and ordained.

Sister Craig:

  • I love the Missionary Training Center.
  • When Elder David B. Haight visited the MTC, he said, “I feel like a lion in a den of Daniels.”
  • Because I didn’t continue to use my Spanish abilities after my mission, I have lost those abilities, but I am relearning Spanish now.
  • What should you be studying the most?  Learning the language of the Spirit.
  • Receive and follow personal revelation, and personal promptings.
  • We need proper motivation to learn the language of the Spirit.  President Nelson has urged all of us to increase our ability to receive personal revelation.  Do the work necessary to bring this about.  We won’t survive spiritually without the promptings of the Spirit.
  • The Holy Ghost is the key to power, love, faithfulness, ability.
  • Practice, learn, listen.  Write down and carefully record your knowledge and revelation.
  • Samuel didn’t let the Lord’s word fall to the ground.  He recorded those words.
  • The doctrine will distill upon thy soul as the dews from heaven.
  • Carve out quiet time for your personal renewal.   Fill your lives with things that bring the Spirit.
  • Lack of use of spiritual promptings will bring loss of sensitivity.  Learn line upon line, precept upon precept.  2 Nephi 28:30 says, “…here a little and there a little…for unto him that receiveth I will give more…”
  • Behold I will tell you in your mind and in your heart.  Elder Rasband said that if you follow your first prompting, you will be right 9 times out of 10.
  • Grand and spectacular revelations are rare.  Revelation usually comes in quiet and subtle ways.  Record spiritual events while they are fresh in your mind.
  • Leave your comfort zone to get into the Comforter Zone.  Have courage and confidence.  Your steps can only be guided if you are moving your feet!
  • You might never know the positive results of your faithful actions.  The Lord will magnify you.
  • The missionary journey is not an easy journey.  You will face continual challenges
  • Elder Kim B. Clark said that we should ask two important questions on a regular basis — What I am doing that I should stop doing? and What am I not doing that I should start doing?
  • She asked us to take a minute and write down things to answer both questions.  I wrote down that I should stop being judgmental, praying insincerely, being selfish, and being harsh.  I wrote that I should start being kind and understanding, praying sincerely, looking outward, and being gentle.
  • She reminded us to create a space and time for reflection.  Remember that Nephi pondered upon the words of his father.
  • Do you have faith in Jesus Christ?  In the long run, that is all that matters.  He will get the work done in His way.  Be part of “His Way”.
  • Draw upon Christ’s endless power of grace.  He will give you strength and assistance to do the marvelous work.
  • In 2 Nephi 26:23, the phrase “after all we can do” does not mean “because of all we can do”.
  • Believe in Jesus.  This changes everything for the better, and into our favor.
  • We do not need ‘perfect’ faith to act in faith.  Belief is trying again when we fall short.
  • Find joy in daily repentance.
  • We contribute to our salvation but we do not earn our salvation.

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