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missionlwc2 (Elder Clayton ** )

Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  January 16, 2018

Elder Clayton:

  • This is a monumental day, elders and sisters.  We have a new First Presidency, pray for them!
  • My topic tonight is the Book of Mormon.  I want to persuade you to do a better job with Preach My Gospel chapter 5.
  • My topics for tonight are the role of Book of Mormon in this dispensation, becoming more fully converted through Book of Mormon, helping investigators become more fully converted through Book of Mormon, increasing baptisms, increasing convert retention, increasing faith in less-actives
  • Role of the Book of Mormon, promises of the Book of Mormon, vibrant instructions found in Book of Mormon, stories from Book of Mormon, our purpose, therefore what? 
  • The role of Book of Mormon in this dispensation – Book of Mormon is changing the world.  It is the book of books. We will get closer to God through it than any other book, this book will prepare the world for the Second Coming, it is the instrument through which Israel will be gathered.
  • Book of Mormon will be your most valuable instrument.  It is evidence, it is proof, it is an essential part of conversion.  You MUST have a personal testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
  • Use the Book of Mormon to help people have spiritual experiences.  The Holy Ghost will testify. It should be the central focus of your teaching.  Most correct of all books. Book of Mormon will bless every aspect of your work, and for the rest of your lives!
  • Promises: the Book of Mormon is book-ended by promises (intro and Moroni 10).  Read, ponder, ask if book is true. Pursue, ask in faith, gain power, come to know concerning Jesus, Joseph, and the church.
  • Moroni 10 – read, read, ponder, receive, remember, ask
  • Is your investigator reading?  What are they reading? Is he or she praying?  Have you listened to their prayers? Have you read with them?  Sincere? Intent? Faith in Jesus Christ?
  • If these things are NOT true?  Why is not in there? See 1 Nephi 15:15 and also Moroni 10:27.  Use of NOT was a way to add emphasis.
  • Don’t try to tell an investigator exactly what they will feel.  Don’t be too specific. Doctrine and Covenants 9:8: “…therefore you will feel that it is right.”
  • Rely on Book of Mormon.  Use it constantly.  Invite, invite, and follow up.  Use it in every visit. Pray. Challenge individually, not as a group.  Read with them every visit. Stop and discuss verses. What are you thinking, what does this mean to you?   Have members come and read with them also.
  • Read the book from the beginning, including the intro and witnesses page.  Liken passages unto yourselves.
  • Lead me, guide me, walk beside me – do that with your investigators.
  • They must be willing to ACT, DO something, do His will and then you will know.
  • Alma 23:5 – “…they never did fall away”.  You will never fall away if you are immersed in the Book of Mormon.
  • Hebrews 15:6 talks about the holy scriptures.  That includes the Book of Mormon.

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