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missionlkb (Linda Burton ** )

President Linda K. Burton and her husband, Craig

Tuesday devotional,  October 4, 2016

Craig Burton

  • D&C 79, Jared Carter, the power of the ordination.
  • Anxiety felt before, but the mantle is placed and confidence grows.
  • The mantle is too big for all of us, but we can grow into it.  The mantle actually adapts to the missionary.
  • What will happen when the mantle is removed?  It depends on who we have become!

Sister Burton

  • 3 Nephi 5:13,  Who are you and who are you becoming?  Whose are you?
  • Emphasize the word “Behold” in that verse.  This is Mormon speaking; he has had a challenging and difficult life, and it correlates well with a missionary purpose.
  • What did you feel during street contacting?  Planting seeds.
  • Missionary work is not “pass/fail”.  You get an A+ as long as you share.
  • The Lord is “letting us have the privilege” of sharing His message.
  • Faith is replacing our will with God’s will.  Obedience leads to faith. Faith moves mountains.
  • Repentance: the atonement covers all, Christ chose to forgive us because He loves us.  Repentance should be a daily self-evaluation.

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