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missionlgr2 (Elder Robbins ** )

Elder and Sister Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  December 12, 2017

1/ Sister Robbins

  • Alma 27:4 — The converts of Alma and the sons of Mosiah considered them as angels.  You will be angels to those you teach. “Now when Ammon and his brethren saw this work of destruction among those whom they so dearly beloved, and among those who had so dearly beloved them—for they were treated as though they were angels sent from God to save them from everlasting destruction—therefore, when Ammon and his brethren saw this great work of destruction, they were moved with compassion…”.
  • She visited some members in Peru.  When they were investigating the church, they didn’t have enough chairs for the missionaries to sit on, so her husband made two beautiful chairs for the elders while they were investigating.  When she visited them, they had the pictures of their two elders hanging on their wall. The chairs were still in the same room, 40 years later.
  • People will love you not for who you are, but for the message that you bring.  Never forget the richness of the message you carry.

2/ Elder Robbins

  • If you were stranded at sea, how motivated would you be to row?  If you spotted an island, how motivated would you be to row.  The island would mean everything.
  • Joseph Smith: “Unless a person has an actual knowledge that the course he is pursuing is according to the will of the Lord, he will grow weary and faint.”
  • Chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel emphasizes the importance of using your time wisely.
  • The Jordan River didn’t part until the Levitical priests actually put their feet in the water.
  • The act of writing a goal down increases the likelihood of accomplishing the goal three-fold.
  • Planning each morning will be your most productive proselyting time!
  • VISION = the why.   GOALS = the what.  PLANS = the how and when and where.
  • Alma 37:36: ” Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.”
  • Are you having a tough day?  Celebrate as did Peter and John — they rejoiced that they could bear the shame of Jesus, this after they were beaten and told to stop preaching about Christ.
  • The WHY is the most important aspect of your mission.  What is your WHY for serving a mission?  For the WHY of Alma’s service, see Mosiah 28:3 — “Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble.”
  • A mission is a course in Dedication 505.
  • Your future children deserve a mother and father who did not quit when they were asked to do hard things.  A mission is the hardest thing you will do in this life!

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