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Elder and Sister Kyle S. McKay of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  September 4, 2018

Tuesday devotional, Elder and Sister Kyle S. McKay of the Seventy, September 4, 2018

Sister McKay:

  • Your spirit is palpable.  Everyone that you meet will come closer to Christ simply because of you and your spirit.  People old and young know who you are. They remember. Heaven is working with these souls.
  • Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel – 1) everyone is a son or daughter of God 2) the Godhead and angels are always working with us  3) souls resonate to light and truth

Elder McKay:

  • The  Lord told Oliver Cowdery- “…stand by my servant Joseph” (Doctrine and Covenants section 6).  We should do the same. You don’t need to go to the internet to discover Joseph’s faults.  Just read the Doctrine and Covenants.
  • Be aware of the divine calling of apostles.  The word apostle means ‘one who is sent’.  There is a link between you and the current, living Apostles.  You are an extension of our apostles in this great work.
  • You must obtain the word before you can declare the word.  Doctrine and Covenants 11:21.
  • God’s word can convert and convince.
  • Captain Moroni accomplished much by righteousness and the sword, but Helaman accomplished much righteousness without the sword.  Notice the difference between the war chapters and Helaman 5. Notice the last verse of Helaman 5. What makes the word of God so powerful? Study Doctrine and Covenants section 50.
  • The word of God without the spirit of God is not convincing.
  • If ye receive not the spirit, ye shall not teach.
  • Acquire gifts as you acquire skills.
  • The parting of the Red Sea was not the greatest miracle – the greatest was that Moses followed the prompting to ‘part the sea’.  How much faith did that take? There was an Egyptian army approaching from the rear, a raging sea in front.  “See the salvation of God.”
  • Peter watched numerous miracles, but it was the revelation from the Father that bore witness of the divinity of the Savior, not the witnessing of miracles.
  • You are called to work by the spirit of prophecy (not necessarily to foretell the future), but to make promises and invitations by the spirit.
  • An elder made a promise to a smoker that if he would read the Book of Mormon for three weeks, he would have the ability to stop smoking.  That was the spirit of prophecy. However, do not trifle with sacred things. Don’t make frivolous claims or promises.
  • What is required to obtain the word of God?   As you preach the word of God by the spirit of God you will be an instrument of God to bring souls to the Kingdom of God
  • The days of institutional apostasy are over.

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