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Elder and Sister Kevin S. Hamilton of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  May 21, 2019

Sister Hamilton:

  • We recently interacted with a very successful dancer.  We asked him if he got nervous before his performances.  He said, “I have developed the habit of telling myself that I am not nervous — I am EXCITED!”  He felt that the feelings of nervousness and excitement were about the same.  Whenever he is presented with a new challenge, he never talks about being nervous, because that starts an avalanche of negative feelings and emotions.  Talk about excitement – I am empowered, I am capable, I can do this, I will enjoy this challenge, nothing can stop me.
  • Consider the difference between fear and faith.  Fear equals nervousness, being afraid, feeling inadequate.  Faith equals excitement, trust, I am good enough.  Doubt and fear are opposed to faith.
  • Don’t fear your missionary work — be excited about it.
  • On a positive note, stress and anxiety can also be catalysts and motivators.
  • Satan uses fear as a devious tool.  Here are some examples of times when Satan tried to introduce fear into sacred moments — 1) Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove, feeling overpowered by darkness and threatening emotions  2) Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and their statement: “I heard Thy voice and hid myself…”
  • The Savior told us to fear not, to doubt not.
  • Be excited that you are a representative of Jesus.  President Nelson is excited, and has told us this is the greatest work in which we can be involved.
  • The Savior is with us, and will stand by us.

Elder Hamilton:

  • If President Nelson were here, he would say two things for sure: 1) Thank you, missionaries  2) I love you, missionaries.
  • I love missionary work.  I understand you.  I know that you are called by a prophet.
  • I want to talk about diligence today, one of the Christ-like attributes in Preach My Gospel.
  • Diligence is steady, consecrated, energetic effort in a worthy cause.  Stick to your task, thrust in your sickle.
  • Missionary work will require your very best effort.
  • Work will win when wishy-washy wishing won’t.  (The “W” formula made famous by President Monson.)
  • Finish what you start, missionary work will require your very best effort.
  • Stick to your task til it sticks to you, beginners are many but enders are few.  Honor, power, place, and praise, will always come to the one who stays.
  • Adversity is part of the plan of salvation.  When despair threatens, move forward with faith.
  • Read Alma 26:11-12 and D&C 84:88.  You can do all things.
  • Duty is the most sublime word in our language.  Statement by Robert E. Lee
  • Alma and the sons of Mosiah were depressed and were about to turn around, but they pushed forward with faith.
  • Stress is not necessarily a bad thing — it can be a motivator.
  • Read Isaiah 41:10 and Joshua 1:9
  • As a mission president, he had an elder who couldn’t learn French despite his best efforts.  President Hamilton asked this elder to teach a portion of a lesson to him.  Despite his poor French, the spirit was strong.  This helped the elder move forward with faith.
  • Things you might fear in the future include 1) marriage 2) change 3) schooling 4) rejection.  Remember Elisha and his servant: “Those that are with us are more than those that are with them.”
  • The Lord is in the details of this work.
  • He had a sister missionary who wanted to quit and go home.  For almost an hour she recounted all the negative and bad things relating to HER.  She finally asked President Hamilton what he thought about her situation.  He said, “Do you really want to hear how I feel?  For almost an hour I have heard you talk about yourself, your problems, your concerns, your worries.  Your mission is all about YOU!  What about the Savior?  Have you forgotten about Him and His role in your mission?  Shouldn’t your mission be about HIM?”  This conversation changed her attitude and she went on to serve faithfully.
  • Elder Bednar has talked about being “all in” in your missionary service.  Have a deep commitment.  Tell yourself that you want to be an “all in” disciple.  You have to be in or out
  • Read Alma 26:22 and you will find Ammon’s formula for missionary success
    • Repent
    • Exercise faith
    • Work
    • Pray
  • No unhallowed hand will stop this work!

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