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missionkbn (Elder Nattress ** )

Elder and Sister K. Brent Nattress of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  June 12, 2018

Elder Nattress

  • Derbyshire born and Derbyshire bred, strong of arm and weak of head.
  • His great-grandmother Sarah snuck out each night to hear the Mormon missionaries preach.  She was converted. She eventually came to America alone as a teenager and ended up in Cache County.  She married and had 8 children. Her husband died. She remarried a widower with 8 children. Now she was the mother to 16 children.  She had two more with her new husband. One of those was Elder Nattress’s grandmother. How grateful am I for those two early missionaries that left their homes to preach the gospel?
  • Questions that Jesus asked:
    • “What think ye of Christ” (Matthew 22)
    • “Whom do men say that I am and whom do ye say that I am?”
    • “Whom do ye say that I am?”
    • “What manner of men ought ye to be?”
  • Ask yourselves how you came to know that Jesus is the Christ?
  • What was Jesus like? He was humble, obedient, a healer, kind, a teacher, courageous, a servant of all, submissive, selfless, full of love.  Our one desire should be to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.
  • What scripture would you share that has influenced you the most?  For me, my scripture would be Matthew 11:28-30.
  • Jesus invited the Nephites to come forward one by one to see, feel, know, and then bear record.
  • How are we going to help others to know?
  • President Russell M. Nelson has said that we are involved in the greatest challenge, the greatest cause, the greatest work.  He has invited all of us to be part of this work.  And what is the work? The gathering of Israel. Nothing is as great or as important.  Would you like to be part of it? You have been reserved to come forth at this time. There is nothing of greater consequence.  This is why you were sent to earth.
  • Without the Book of Mormon, the gathering would not be possible.
  • When Gordon B. Hinckley left on his mission, his father handed him a piece of paper with 5 words on it – Be not afraid, only believe.  Let that be your motto as well. Keep a card in your pocket with that saying. Read Mark 5 to find the setting for this phrase.
  • Sister Nattress’s scriptures and journals were stolen while she was serving with her husband.  A nonmember found them 2 weeks later, discarded in a field. She knew a member of the church, and contacted her.  She contacted the missionaries, and the missionaries returned the scriptures to Sister Nattress.
  • Within the next 24 hours, share a scripture from the Book of Mormon with someone.  That is my challenge to all of you.

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