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missionjws2 (Elder Sitate ** )

Elder and Sister Joseph W. Sitate of the Seventy

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sister Sitate

  • You represent truth, obedience, valiant behavior, courage – you are stripling warriors.
  • I wish that I could have served a mission as a young person, but I was excited to go on a mission with my husband. 
  • Some things will not be as you expect – move forward anyway.  Use the booklet Adjusting To Missionary Life.
  • Everything will work out well.  All things will come together for your good.

Elder Sitate

  • Greetings and love from the apostles and prophets.  You are part of a living miracle that is not equaled in all the world.
  • Why is the spirit so strong here in the Missionary Training Center?  Because of the righteous traditions that exist here.  Also righteous traditions that you have in your own lives will carry you – HOLY HABITS!
  • How has the Lord maintained the righteous traditions that exist when there is a transition of power in the church?  It is built upon the rock of priesthood keys.
  • Romans 4 talks about living epistles, written upon the fleshy tables of the heart. 
  • President Nelson mentions three objectives of the gospel:
    • Help gather Israel
    • Seal families together
    • Prepare the world for the Second coming.
  • By the time you return from your mission, you will be a living epistle.  Rely on Jesus Christ.
  • If you only have one convert, let it be YOU! Awake and arouse your faculties.
  • President Nelson talks about self mastery, spiritual attributes, reason over appetites, and fasting.
  • How should you obey? EAGERLY, EARNESTLY, EXACTLY!
  • President Nelson talks about repentance and conversion: repent fully = convert completely.  The fruits of repentance are sweet. A converted soul is a repentant soul.
  • Let your first convert be you.  Do the activity at the end of Preach My Gospel chapter 6.  You should score 5 or higher.
  • Powerful disciples CHOOSE to follow the Lord.  Stand out, speak up, be different!  Be undaunted and courageous.
  • Our focus must be riveted on the Savior. With every thought, reach up to Him. “Ye are my friends if you do whatsoever I ask of you.  Abide in me.”

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