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missionjrr1 (Elder Rasband of the 70 ** )

Elder & Sister James R. Rasband of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  December 24, 2019

Tuesday devotional, Elder and Sister James R. Rasband of the Seventy, December 24, 2019.

Sister Rasband:

  • Consider more carefully Luke chapter 2.
  • We, like the shepherds worship Jesus Christ. And like them we share the message of him abroad.
  • Christ gives us peace, as He did the Wise Men and the shepherds.
  • Christ sustains us in difficult times.
  • Christ gives us rest.
  • Christ gives us the hope of eternal life.
  • These gifts are the reason why we are willing to give our gift to Him, our lives and service.
  • The message of Christ is the gift we can always give to others.

Elder Rasband

  • Don’t give up, missionaries.  Stay at it and peace will come.
  • There is no shame in things being hard the first time, including missionary work.
  • we need to experience challenges to learn.
  • As a young missionary, I gave myself to the work, and my anxiety went away.  The anxiety was replaced with peace.
  • Everyday of my mission wasn’t blissful.  In fact every day had ups and downs.
  • All will be well; you can pull through this with the Lord’s help.
  • …”the hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight” (O little town of Bethlehem)
  • The Savior’s life did not begin in Bethlehem, nor did it end on Calvary.  (See ‘The Living Christ’)
  • What must we have thought when presented with the Plan? Could Christ really do it? Would He really do it?
  • We must have had great hope that Christ would be able to live a perfect life and work the Atonement.  Our hope must have been intense.
  • We had faith in the promise that Christ would atone for us because of the love He has for us.
  • We must have had real faith in Christ to choose his plan not knowing if He would accomplish His task. This was a true test of faith.
  • We staked our eternal progression on our faith in Christ.
  • Prior to His birth and sacrifice, we could only have faith and hope in Him.
  • Our faith required a long wait to see if Christ would accomplish His task.
  • Our faith was rewarded as Christ fulfilled His purpose.
  • The most important week in our eternal quest, the week that would answer our questions, was the final week of Christ’s life.
  • As He fulfilled His promises to the Father and to us, our hopes and fears were truly ‘met in Him’.

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