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missionjfz2 (Elder Zeballos ** )

Elder Jorge F. Zeballos of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  June 6, 2017

Elder and Sister Zeballos – Tuesday devotional – June 6, 2017:

Sister Zeballos:

  • As doctrine is understood and applied, conversion deepens.
  • You must represent Christ, serve Him, make His way your way, make His gospel your gospel.
  • The HG is the true teacher — you are an instrument, but the HG teaches
  • It is a privilege to serve as an instrument.  Your role is to create an environment where the HG can do the teaching and inspiring
  • The four elements of preparing to serve a mission  1) ponder and search, like the sons of Mosiah (Alma 17:3-5)  2) Improve your prayers by pondering before and after each prayer, give the Lord a chance to answer you  3) be obedient, don’t ask ?’s, just obey 4) love your companion, inspire your companion. Without companion harmony, you cannot succeed in the work
  • Be happy in the work!

Elder Zeballos::

  • They have been assigned to the Central America area starting in August.
  • My wife has learned English with the help of the Spirit.  
  • They didn’t get to serve the last year of their mission presidency.  “What will happen to our missionaries?”
  • To what were you ordained?  D&C 50:13. The 1828 dictionary defines ORDAIN as appointed to a pastoral setting, so this is applicable to men and women.  D&C 25:7 says that Emma was ‘ordained’.
  • D&C 50:14 – You were ordained to preach the gospel by the Spirit
  • The restoration is ongoing, not a one time event.  See 2 Nephi 31:5
  • Allow the gospel to make changes in your heart.  We don’t just baptize, we convert.
  • Do you have faith in Jesus?  Not just a belief, but faith?
  • Read the Book of Mormon before you leave the MTC.  Feel the truth!
  • Repentance – don’t move so quickly to baptism that you neglect proper teaching of repentance.  Baptism must be preceded by repentance and conversion. Repentance implies a change of heart and mind, not just behavior.  You must guide your investigators through a true repentance process.
  • Mighty change in earlier editions of the Spanish Book of Mormon was translated ‘gran cambio’.  Elder Zeballos didn’t like that translation, and he played a role in having it changed to ‘potente cambio’!
  • True + true = true,  true + false = false,   false + true = false, false + false = false

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