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missionjfz (Elder Zeballos ** )

Elder Jorge F. Zeballos of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  November 29, 2016

Elder and Sister Zeballos – Tuesday devotional – November 29, 2016:

1/ Sister Zeballos:

  • When she was learning English, she was asked if she ‘fought’ with her husband.  She thought ‘fought’ was ‘faith’. Since she had faith in her husband, she answered, “Yes”.  “How often?” She replied, “Every day”.
  • Pay attention to your own personal scripture study.
  • Your companions are given to you by inspiration.  If you have a bad relationship with your companion or if there is no spirit in your relationship, then, like the Lion King, “you have forgotten who you are!”

2/ Elder Zeballos:

  • D&C 50:13 – To what were ye called? To preach my gospel by the spirit.
  • The Holy Ghost can carry the message “unto” the heart, but the person must allow it to penetrate “into” the heart.
  • Christ included many preliminary instructions before the beatitudes in the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 12).
  • Elder Zeballos showed a diagram with three circles: God – missionary – investigator
  • Step one was Missionary to God – the missionary must pray and be obedient
  • Step two was God to missionary – God sends the Holy Spirit
  • Step three was Missionary to Investigator – teach by the spirit, pray with the spirit
  • Step four was Investigator to God – pray for answers, ask in faith
  • Step five was God to investigator – answers to prayers received
  • Allow your investigators to have their own spiritual experiences.  You shouldn’t necessarily tell them what they are feeling. Let them describe it to you.
  • Why will knowing that the Book of Mormon is true make all the difference?  1) Joseph is a prophet 2) the restored church is true 3) priesthood authority has been restored  4) the other churches do not have a fullness of truth 5) the true nature of God is received and understood.

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