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missionjdj2 (Sister Jones ** )

Sister Joy Jones, General Primary President, and her husband, Brother Robert Jones 

Tuesday devotional,  May 16, 2017

Brother Robert Jones

  • Missionaries, you are looking for me! 
  • He related how he found the gospel. He saw his neighbor get beat up, but his family didn’t believe him.  But he knew he had seen a fight.
  • A friend told him about seminary. He went by himself. The Seminary teacher said he had served a “mission” and a feeling set his soul on fire.  
  • No students talked to him because he smelt like cigarette smoke (his parents).
  • When he read the Joseph Smith story, he related to Joseph who knew he had seen something but no one believed.  
  • He was called to serve a mission in Germany, and he felt that he knew nothing, but he knew enough.

Sister Jones

  • God and Jesus know you by name.
  • There are no accidents in the Kingdom, just divine plans and purposes.
  • You are going out to “touch the world”, but your mission will change “your world”.
  • Mark 2: crowded house, 4 men lowered a palsied man through the roof.  They found a way, they persisted, what price are you willing to pay to bring someone to Christ?  What are our options? Create your opportunities.
  • You can do miracles through the Lord’s will.
  • Every day in the mission field has the potential for miracles.
  • You will be the miracle in some person’s life.
  • The greatest miracle in the church is CONVERSION.
  • Watch for the miracles.  The Kingdom of God or nothing!   TKOGON
  • The closer you get to the leaders of this church, the better they look.

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