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Sister Joy Jones, General Primary President, and her husband, Brother Robert Jones 

Tuesday devotional,  January 7, 2020

Brother Robert Jones

  • At one point they had a sign on the MTC soccer field that read, “For Missionary use only!”.  Someone put another sign next to it that read, “Every member a missionary!”
  • He loves to ask mission presidents throughout the world the following question, “What is the biggest problem for the elders in your mission?”  Almost every president responds by saying, “Obeying the mission rules!”  How interesting!
  • He asked the elders, “What commandments from our Heavenly Father are meant to make us miserable?”  The answer is none!  Thus, if you want to be absolutely happy as a missionary, obey the rules!
  • President Benson said that when obedience is no longer an irritant but a quest, we will be endowed with power from on high.  Rules are not burdens.  Don’t live on the edge!
  • He also asks mission presidents, “What is the biggest problem for sisters in your mission?”  The answer is, “Getting along with their companion!”  How interesting.  A wise statement, “You can be right or you can be happy.  Take your pick.”
  • I have told my wife to embrace her biggest challenge, so she often gives me a big hug.
  • I promise you that you will be mistreated at some point on your mission, probably many times.  How you view those who mistreat you will determine your future destiny!  The Savior was the most mistreated person ever to live.  How did He treat those who mistreated Him?
  • The Lord told us to have ‘…no other gods before Him’!  Do you have other gods before God?  Wherever your thoughts are centered, those are your gods.  [As Brother Jones spoke on this topic, the Spirit helped me realize that I truly have allowed other negative and destructive ‘gods’ to capture my soul.  I spend so much time criticizing myself, thinking negatively of those who talk only about themselves, and having negative thoughts in general that these things have become my ‘gods’.  I vowed to make amends and change my attitude and focus!  I was so grateful for Brother Jones’ insights.]
  • The Lord has described Himself as a ‘jealous God’.  By this He means that he doesn’t just want 95% of us, but He wants our whole soul to be devoted and focused on Him.
  • 3 Nephi 12:25 tells us to agree with our adversary quickly, lest your adversary get thee, and cast thee into prison.  Regarding companions, spouses, children, and friends, strengthen them, agree with them, build them.
  • On his mission as a young man, he was informed that his parents had just divorced.  His mission president said, “You can either allow this to destroy you, or to strengthen you.  Which will it be?”
  • Look unto God in every thought, doubt not, fear not.  Let the affections of your heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Sister Jones

  • You have given us a great gift.  Your singing and your love and respect.  I have nothing but admiration for you.  I honor you.
  • Do you know that you are a child of God?  So few in this life have that realization.  People need to know this.
  • Can you do this work?  It is normal to feel inadequate.  You are good enough only when you are partnered with God.
  • You know enough.  You are paired with God.
  • We have the Holy Ghost.  The Lord’s grace is sufficient for us.
  • Paul said that when he was weak, he was strong.
  • This gospel is to be proclaimed by the weak and simple.  That is us.
  • Remember often to “straighten your crown”, because you are royalty in the Lord’s sight.
  • A young boy made a decision to not tease his younger sister, and he accomplished the goal by going one day at a time.  Days turned into weeks.  [The spirit whispered to me at this time that I could overcome my negativism by doing the same thing, focusing on one day at a time to emphasize the positive.]
  • The Holy Ghost is the change agent, the change factor.  Seek personal revelation.
  • “Closed mouths do not get fed.”  Open your mouths and speak.
  • Jacob, who was ridiculed by Sherem, “…could not be shaken.”
  • Go forth and shine God’s light into the lives of others.

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