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Elder and Sister James B. Martino of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  April 4, 2017

Tuesday devotional, Elder and Sister James B. Martino of the Seventy, April 4, 2017

Sister Martino

  • There is no more compelling work than missionary work, and no work that will bring greater satisfaction.
  • Three golden rules of missionary work  1) Be completely obedient 2) Work harder than you have ever worked in your life and work with urgency  3) Teach with the Spirit.
  • This will be the “best time FOR your life”, not necessarily the best time OF your life.
  • You need to be your best convert.
  • Be active in the “gospel”, not just active in the “church”

Elder Martino

  • We love to be with missionaries — we know what your missions will do to you!
  • Our parents joined in 1967.  I watched what the gospel can do to change lives, PERSONALLY!
  • I prayed and didn’t get an answer.  I learned that the Lord doesn’t answer prayers to satisfy curiosity.  He only answers prayers when a commitment to CHANGE has been made. For example, were you sincere when you prayed?  If God told you these things were true, would you enter the waters of baptism? Is your quest for the truth sincere?
  • The elder that baptized me could tell that I needed to be more sincere to get an answer to prayer.  I asked the elder many questions that I wanted answers to. He said back to me, “Will you answer one question for me?  If you will answer my question, then I will answer your questions.” I said that I would answer his question. He asked, “Is the Book of Mormon true?”  I told him I didn’t know if it was true or not. He responded, “Then my answering questions will make no difference. When you come to know that the Book of Mormon is true, all other questions will be answered with a spiritual perspective, but a knowledge of the Book of Mormon has to come first.”  Alma 32:28
  • Elder Martino said to us — “I know Jesus is the Christ.  I really know!”
  • Three major points:  1) Become as He is 2) Now is the time for missionaries and members to come together  3) Teach repentance and baptize converts.
  • Nine out of the 13 Balkan countries prohibit open proselyting, but it has been a blessing because it has literally forced members to help the missionaries
  • Alma and Amulek  1) Alma was successful because he kept the commandments (Alma 8:10-15)  2) Amulek was probably a less-active member who had been prepared by the Lord to come back.
  • When working with less-actives, ask these questions:  1) Tell me about the missionaries that baptized you. 2) Do you remember how you felt when you came to know the Church was true?  How you felt at your baptism? 3) Why did you join the church? 4) Would you let us teach you again, similar to how you were taught when you were baptized?
  • Three major points: 1) Learn to teach and work with members like Alma did with Amulek  2) Tailor your message to what the people need to hear (a great responsibility) 3) Teach repentance as something to “rejoice” in
  • The three parables  1) sheep is lost through innocence  2) coin is lost by negligence 3) Prodigal Son is lost through willful disobedience.  With the prodigal, the father ran to him. Likewise, the Father will “run to” those who desire to repent.
  • Teach young single adults.  They are willing to investigate and learn at that stage of life.
  • You missionaries are an extension of the Twelve.  They gave keys to your mission president, and you work under the keys of your president.
  • The Savior gave a specific message to the woman at the well, tailored to her needs and understandings.

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