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missionjau (Elder Uceda ** )

Elder and Sister Juan A. Uceda of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  April 18, 2017

1/ Elder Uceda

  • “I have pled with the Lord that He and the Spirit will do the teaching tonight, not me.”
  • This MTC is a miracle!
  • He was converted in 1972 and went on a mission 3 years later.  He had no MTC, no endowment, no temple experience, no Preach My Gospel, no garments, no District videos.  “All I had for my mission was my testimony, my conversations with God, my connection with heaven, and the Book of Mormon.  But THAT WAS ENOUGH!” I learned how to be a disciple of Christ by BEING a disciple of Christ. I learned the Gospel as I TAUGHT the Gospel!”
  • What is a disciple?  He covered Matthew 28:19-20 in detail.  The word ‘teach’ is used twice. In the original Greek, the word teach should have been translated as “make disciples” and “instill”.   Go ye into all the world and MAKE DISCIPLES!
  • If you are not powerful missionaries, you will only talk and give lessons.  If you are powerful missionaries, you will MAKE DISCIPLES and CONVERTS. You must be a convert first.  Humble yourselves to the dust.
  • Learn to read the scriptures differently.  Examine in great detail the words the Lord uses.  Read the scriptures in reverence. Don’t read them like a newspaper or magazine.
  • What do I need to do to become a disciple?  A disciple is someone who is ready to follow Jesus, who has a testimony of Jesus, a person who has truly repented and undergone a mighty change of heart.  A disciple is a follower.
  • Have your own wrestle with God — ask Him to bless you with the power to overcome.
  • Pay the price by delve into the scriptures.  
  • I invite you to repent (repentance is a principle of perfection).  Repentance should be joyous, not painful.
  • Baptizing is not about quantity.
  • Don’t say prayers, just pray.
  • Moroni 10:3-5   Exhort means to embolden, to encourage, to give courage.  We invite, not challenge.
  • I was simple enough to believe the missionaries that taught me (“my missionaries”).  Pray in a way that opens the heavens.

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