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missionjat1 (Elder Teixeira ** )

Elder and Sister Jose A. Teixeira of the Presidency of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  November 10, 2019

1/ Sister Teixeira

  • To serve as a full-time missionary is the best decision of your lives so far.
  • I would like to speak on “The Foundation of Faith”.
    • I was 14 years old when I gained my testimony.  Missionaries knocked on our door.  They shared with us the promise from the Book of Mormon contained in Moroni chapter 10.  I testify to you that the heavens were opened and I knew the book was true.
    • The Book of Mormon brings peace and wisdom.
    • Kneel tonight and ask for a testimony of the Book of Mormon.
    • As you teach the restoration of the gospel, the Lord will bless you.  You are linking those you teach with heaven.
    • Immerse yourselves in the glorious light of the restoration.
    • When you talk to your families, please tell them that Sister Teixeira loves them also.
    • I love all of you because you chose to be a missionary for the Lord.

2/ Elder Teixeira:

  • If you center your teaching on the message of the restoration, you will have an amazing experience every time you teach.  Your own heart will be filled with the Spirit and you will know your message is true.
  • If you know in your heart that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father, you have everything you need to be a successful missionary.
  • The Savior and His Atonement should be at the center of everything you teach.
  • What kind of a disciple are you going to be?
  • The Book of Mormon is living evidence of Jesus Christ.
  • This church is not just another religion — it is a testimony of the Restoration.
  • In the city where I lived, there was just a small group of 5 church members.  We met for church in the basement of a swimming pool building.  It was dark and dreary.  I had previously been meeting in a magnificent 16th century Catholic cathedral.  I was converted to the gospel and the restoration, not to the missionaries or to the building (obviously!).
  • The prophet Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration.  If you know that is true, others will come to know through your example and spirit.
  • I love you because you are missionaries of the Lord.

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