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Elder and Sister John A. McCune of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  December 31, 2019

Tuesday devotional, Elder and Sister John A. McCune of the Seventy, December 31, 2019

Sister McCune:

  • It is not about us but about Jesus Christ, and we need to focus on Him.
  • John 15 tells us that we must abide in the vine, even in Jesus Christ.
  • If we keep the commandments, we will abide in His love.
  • Our happiness doesn’t depend on the circumstances of our lives but on the focus of our lives (President Nelson).

Elder McCune:

  • A mission isn’t about the language and culture; it is about the people and Jesus Christ.
  • Transition periods lead to asking serious questions.
  • These are the times where we grow.
  • You will be eternally grateful for the relationship you develop with God during your missions.
  • Repentance is more rewarding than making New Years resolutions.
  • Repentance is a process of learning and of eternal change.
  • Repentance is a daily, life long process.
  • The first word that John the Baptists and Jesus declared during their ministries was ‘repent’.
  • Satan tries to confuse us about the joyful, liberating opportunity we have to repent.
  • Christ changes our very nature through repentance (even the way we breathe, according to President Nelson).
  • Turning away from evil doesn’t bring healing unless we turn to Christ.
  • The atonement is what makes repentance so beautiful, helpful and miraculous.
  • Daily repentance will change you slowly and over time you will become more like Christ.
  • You cry and teach repentance through asking friends to make spirit-guided commitments.

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