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missionhm5 (Elder Montoya ** )

Elder and Sister Hugo Montoya of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  December 3, 2019

Sister Montoya

  • I was the first convert in my family.  Now eight of us are in the Church.
  • Study the Book of Mormon every day.  We have living apostles and prophets on the earth today.
  • Happiness does not depend on circumstances, but on attitude!

Elder Montoya

  • When I received my call to the Seventy, President Uchtdorf had just three suggestions for me: 1) learn English  2) learn English  3) learn English.
  • My great grandfather was killed by Mexican soldiers 104  years ago.  In October conference of 2003, President James E. Faust told my ancestor’s story in his conference address.
  • In Doctrine and Covenants 18:15 we are told that our joy will be great if we bring even one soul unto Christ.  That one soul might bring 100’s more into the Kingdom.
  • I baptized my first convert in 1979, but I lost contact with the family.  Last year that convert made contact with me.  She expressed gratitude for my service.  Many lives have been touched through her, and the joy continues to spread.  That convert is with us here tonight in this devotional.
  • The purpose of missionary work is the gathering of Israel.  It is the most important work on the planet.  Nothing else can compare with it in importance or majesty.
  • I want to present three important principles tonight:
    • Get a vision!  What will you be doing in 50 years?  In 100 years?  In 500 years?  Gain the long perspective.
    • Make sure that you have indicators or goals or standards in your missionary service and in your life.  When performance is measured, performance improves.
    • Determine what you need to do to maintain the spirit of your mission even after your mission ends.  Stay connected to the tree.  When fruit is picked, it immediately starts a process of death and decay.  Stay on the tree.
  • How can I stay faithful after my mission?
    • Pray
    • Read the Book of Mormon every day
    • Testify of Jesus Christ daily
    • Read Preach My Gospel and the Missionary Handbook
    • Share your testimony of Jesus with those you love
  • Speaking of the rich your ruler, the scripture says, “…and Jesus, beholding him, LOVED him…”  What a great example for us.
  • Jesus said that He was the true vine and that we should abide in Him.  Abide in Spanish is ‘permanecer’, which implies permanence, remaining, staying.

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