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missionhbn6 (Elder Nielson ** )

Elder and Sister Brent H. Nielson of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional, August 27, 2018

Sister Nielson:

  • I know HE lives also!  You will learn much from the people you serve.
  • I heard the phrase ‘I will be the one’ many times in the Philippines.  It meant ‘let me do it’, or ‘I can do that for you’. I learned to love that phrase.
  • Are you willing to be ‘the one’?   What are you willing to do by being ‘the one’?
  • What are some of the things the Savior was willing to do by ‘being the One’?  Encircle you, tell you, give unto you, light the way, calm the storms, prepare the way, impart, work, build, be in the midst, walk with, lead, hasten, go before, be on your right hand and on your left.  These few things barely scratch the surface of His willingness.
  • I challenge you to write down tonight what you are willing to do by being “the one”.
  • Be kind, be obedient, be a true servant, be a light, keep the commandments
  • (As she concluded her talk, the thought came into my mind, “What was Nephi willing to do as he labored as “the one”.  These thoughts came to mind — go and do, obtain the plates at the risk of my life, not murmur, persuade Ishmael and his family, make a wooden bow, provide food for my family, eat raw food for 8 years, honor his parents, make tools out of raw ore, build a boat large enough and strong enough to carry the whole family across an ocean, brake the cords around his wrists with the power of faith, suffer continual persecution at the hands of his brothers, settle the promised land, keep an accurate record of all that transpires, navigate an ocean.

Elder Nielson:

  • We have an amazing prophet, an incredible man, he turns 94 in September
  • Gathering Israel is the greatest work going on on this planet.  Do you want to be a big part of something very big, very majestic, very grand?  Then you are in the right place engaged in the right cause.
  • This church and kingdom will fill the earth.  We know so little about the scope of the work.  The growth of the church has come to pass due to young people just like you going out into the world and proclaiming.  We baptize 20,000 new members every month. The new converts baptized every month would fill the Conference Center. But the work is done one by one!
  • Look for the ONE!  Look for individuals!  He told about Sven Eklund that he taught in Finland.  Sven was baptized after Elder Nielson came home, but he went on to serve as bishop, stake president, and other important callings.  His sons and grandsons are serving missions now.
  • Jesus ministered one by one.

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