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Elder and Sister Brent H. Nielson of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  November 22, 2016

Sister Nielson:

  • Thank you, we love you.  Be reassured.
  • Is your mission more challenging than you thought it would be?
  • She was frustrated at a point in the past when she had to give a very challenging talk.  The Lord whispered to her, “I have been preparing you for a lifetime. Trust me and say the things that I will put in your mind and your heart.”
  • The Lord will inspire you when you need to be inspired.  Say what is in your heart.
  • 2 Timothy 1:7.  Do not fear – you have power.

Elder Nielson:

  • Helaman 7:7  “Things were better then…”  “Oh that I could have had my days…”
  • These are your days – there are no better times than these!
  • Joseph Smith said that we have no idea of the destiny of this church.  We now have 34 missions in Brazil, and 7 stakes in Hong Kong!  By 1930, the church had 300,000 members.  Now we are approaching 17 million.
  • We add 1.4 million names to Family Search every day!  How? Missionaries just like you.
  • Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.
  • When you are on the Lord’s errand, you are entitled to His blessings and help.
  • Elder Packer said that in over 40 years working with the Brethren, never once did he detect FEAR among them.
  • Fear and faith can’t coexist.
  • Elder Holland talked about remembering Lot’s wife.  Always keep looking forward.
  • Repent = heal, grow, bloom, radiate.

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