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missiongwg (Elder Gong ** )

Elder and Sister Gerrit W. Gong of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  February 7, 2017

Sister Gong

  • “My husband is nicest, kindest person I know.  He is kind and hardworking.  He has his Ph.D. in International Relations.”
  • “You are in the middle of a MIRACLE!” she said to the missionaries.
  • On her mission, Sister Gong baptized a sweet young woman in Taiwan.  Thirty years later, the Gong’s son hired this same woman to be a nanny and caretaker in their home, having no idea that she had been baptized by his mother.   

Elder Gong

  • “Your eyes and your countenances are full of the light of faith”, he said to the missionaries.
  • “When you ask investigators to repent, you are inviting them to come unto Christ.”
  • There is a difference between perfectionism (we must be perfect NOW) and being perfected in Christ (a process of refinement and growth).
  • Preach repentance, baptize converts — cleansing water, sanctifying fire.
  • There have been 176 million copies of the Book of Mormon printed, in 110 languages.
  • Faith, hope, and charity are incorporated in 2 Nephi 31:20 – the heart of the doctrine of Christ.
  • Just 3 key indicators now – 1) investigators attending Sacrament meeting  2) persons baptized 3) New investigators.
  • President Uchtdorf — “aim at the center”
  • Elder Ballard — “If you want to baptize more people, talk to more people.”  Start right here in the MTC.  Set a goal to talk to 2 or 3 persons that you don’t know.  Become comfortable with talking to new people.
  • Nurture and protect the righteous hopes and dreams of your companions.  He then enacted a skit with missionaries holding balloons which represented hopes, and either having them popped or encouraged by their companion.  Serve your companions, so that in 30 years you will still be happy to see them and associate with them.
  • Life is often not comfortable, but you can be comforted in your life.

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