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missionges (Elder Stevenson ** )

Elder and Sister Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve

Tuesday devotional,  November 13, 2018

1/ Sister Stevenson

  • What a blessing it is to be a missionary.  We just concluded a wonderful trip with President Nelson to South America.  I testify that President Nelson is a prophet of God.  In the large venues, people would weep when they saw him.  He was drawn to the children and the children were drawn to him.  We loved being with him.
  • While she and her husband were serving in Japan, two of their missionaries had just 20 minutes left before their proselyting day was to conclude.  Rather than going home a bit early, they went to a busy train station and began contacting people.  A man, from quite a distance, observed these two missionaries and a voice spoke to him saying, “Those are men of God”.  He walked over to the missionaries and introduced himself.  He was later baptized.  The missionaries’ goal to talk to as many people as possible had led them to the train station, and ultimately to this choice man.

2/ Elder Stevenson

  • Thank you for your service throughout the world.  We bring warm greetings from President Nelson and the First Presidency.
  • The 1833 School of the Prophets was the first ‘missionary training center’.  Right now, today, we have 3,640 missionaries in training in the 14 training centers throughout the world.
  • Samuel Smith was the first missionary called in this dispensation.  We have 65,871 missionaries serving now.  I testify that you call as a missionary and your assignment are divine and inspired.  I have assigned mission calls.  This is a time when we definitely receive revelation.  I promise you that there is something to be done on your mission that only you can do.
  • D&C 31:3 — This is a time when these words are true for you.
  • He related a story of a young man stranded in the mountains overnight, caught in a snowstorm.  He survived because of his survival kit.  Let’s talk about YOUR survival kit.
  • The first component of your kit is the scriptures. They are a power to light a spiritual fire.  This power will come to you as an individual testimony of their truth.  The scriptures will empower you to light a fire of testimony in those you teach.
  • The second component of your kit is the White Missionary Handbook.  This handbook is a shelter and a protection.  I promise that the things contained in that handbook will bring safety and protection, both spiritual and physical.  There are blessings attached to every rule in that book.  He calls it his “Missionary Handbook of Blessings”.   On our recent trip with President Nelson, I pulled out my handbook.  President Nelson was near me and he pulled out his handbook!  Obedience brings blessings and blessings bring happiness.  If you want to be a happy missionary, be an obedient missionary.
  • The third component of your survival kit is Preach My Gospel.  That book is your spiritual water and food.  It is a great resource for you now and also for after your mission.  Preach My Gospel will bless your entire life.
  • It is a great blessing to be a missionary.  You are now standing on the shoulders of great former missionaries of this dispensation.
  • Each of your calls comes from God the Father through His living prophet.  Your call came through heavenly inspiration.
  • Heavenly Father loves you and has given you the tools that will allow you to succeed in this work!
  • My testimony tonight is that:  1) You are children of a loving Heavenly Father  2) He will help you succeed!  3) God the Father and Jesus Christ did appear to Joseph Smith in a pillar of light.  The heavens were opened.  4) The Book of Mormon is true.  It is a final witness of the reality of Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  5) As a special witness of the Lord, I testify that Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer, and that His infinite Atonement is real

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