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missiongas (Elder and Sister Schwitzer ** )

Elder and Sister Gregory A. Schwitzer

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sister Schwitzer

  • Years ago Sister Schwiter’s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She felt that she couldn’t leave her husband and family to tend to her mother.  The inspired thought came to her to “have no regrets” at the end of your life. She temporarily left her own family and tended to her ailing mother.  She blessed her mother magnificently and found that her own family was blessed by her service to her mother.  Sister Schwitzer then asked the missionaries, “What might we do or not do that will cause us regrets?”  She stated,  “You will think about your missionary service and your mission for the rest of your lives.  Serve in such a way that you will have no regrets!”


Elder Schwitzer

  • The value of commandments: 1) They are blessings and they bring blessings.   2) They help us acquire Christ-like values and virtues. Elder Schwitzer admonished the missionaries to pick a specific commandment that they feel a need to develop, and obey that commandment!  See 3 Nephi 6:14-15.  3) You can’t teach a commandment unless you can help a person live that commandment, and you must be living a commandment to teach it.   4) Commandments help us build a relationship of trust with Heavenly Father.   5) All commandments are for our good.   6) D&C 59:4 teaches us that commandments equal blessings.  7)  With obedience to commandments, authority is conferred and power is earned.   8) See Revelation 22:14.
  • The FIVE C’s OF CONVERSION TO CHRIST  1) teach commandments 2) commit to live the commandments  3) conversion or change of heart 4) make covenants 5) consecrate your life to Christ.
  • Commandments are learned in stages or phases  1) What? [Israelites]   2) Why? [Corianton]   3) Want!  [Abraham 1:2]   4) Within! [Christ became the Law]
  • Commandments are the key to exaltation.
  • Commandments are learned by living them.
  • Commandments build relationship with God.
  • The Ten Commandments:  God (1-4), parents (5), others (6-10)
  • Hebrews 13:17 — Obedience!

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