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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — December 11, 2016

Ecclesiastical Training, December 11, 2016

President Snow – Teaching in the Savior’s Way

  • Get the teaching into the heart
  • Ask inspired questions
  • We need to prepare ourselves spiritually, be ‘like’ Christ
  • Prepare to learn, interact to edify, invite to act
  • Let the missionaries teach
  • Silence is okay, don’t jump in with comments, let them ‘fail’ occasionally
  • We are the nursery, not the floral shop!
  • Where can we teach?  Temple walk, in residence halls, sidewalks

President Bertasso – Preach My Gospel and doctrine

  • The core of Preach My Gospel (fundamentals) are:
    • Doctrine of Christ
    • The Book of Mormon
    • Recognize the spirit
    • These three are the elements of conversion.
  • We might be missing the main element of the doctrine of Christ.  It is taught in 2 Nephi 31 — we need to yield our will to the Father, we need to yield our agency to Him.
  • We need to study Preach My Gospel chapters 1, 3, 4, and 5 as a companionship and individually.
  • The doctrine found in Preach My Gospel is found nowhere else.
  • We are teaching representatives of the Savior.
  • Preach My Gospel also stands for Promote Member Growth and Perfect Marriage Guidance.
  • Use Preach My Gospel and scriptures in sacrament meeting talks.

President Burgess – Missionary purpose

  • If we don’t teach them, who will?
  • The Missionary Training Center is a sacred place, a spiritual “pavilion”  (O Lord, where is thy pavilion?)
  • Will we keep pace with the Lord as He hastens His work?
  • We must shape ourselves to the majesty of our callings.
  • The prophetic priority of our time is to help missionaries understand their purpose:
    • Discuss their purpose in our first meeting
    • Have Christ-like love for them
    • Love leads to conversion
  • Always keep this thought in mind — Who is the one I can help today?
  • Expand your priesthood keys.

Importance of the first district meeting:

  • Practical items – review John 8:29  (He is with me always because I do that which pleases Him)
  • Personal obedience.
  • Did you read the white handbook?  Read it 5 minutes every day.
  • Companion inventory:
    • Show video 
    • Preach My Gospel page 150
    • Open communication
    • Ask for help
    • Be humble
    • Hold one every week
    • Keep a journal of your inventories
    • “I have noticed…”

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