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missioneccles120819 (December 2019 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — December 8, 2019

1/  Sister Rahlf

  • We should focus on the Savior for our Sacrament meeting on December 22nd.  We should include carols, talks about Christ’s birth.

2/ President Rahlf

  • Seek diligently, focus on the Savior.
  • We are going to use the Come Follow Me manual every Sunday during our afternoon training.  The missionaries will teach it to each other.
    • They are to study the manual by districts, with a companionship leading the discussion.
    • We should devote at least 30 minutes every Sunday to this new effort.
    • We are to follow the weekly discussions as outlined in the manual.
    • Missionaries should be counseled to study the material, but their focus should remain on Preach My Gospel.
    • Come Follow Me is a resource, not a focus.  Being familiar with it will help them in the mission field, both with members and with ‘friends’.
    • We are to start this new endeavor on January 5, 2020.
  • For Sacrament meeting talk topics, we can also utilize Preach My Gospel, chapter 3, lessons 1, 2, and 3.
  • Priesthood and Relief Society will have additional topics available also.

3/ Sister LeSueur

  • Keep the Sabbath Day holy!

4/ President LeSueur

  • The role of ecclesiastical leaders is to:
    • Deepen the conversion of the missionaries
    • Increase the faith of the missionaries
    • Strengthen the doctrinal understanding of the missionaries
    • To model discipleship for the missionaries
    • To model consecration for the missionaries
    • To help missionaries adjust to living the missionary standards
    • To lift, bless, and inspire the missionaries
    • To help them on the path to becoming life-long disciples
  • The focus of leaders must be on improving discipleship, not on teaching missionary skills
  • In the book of Alma, a lawyer asked Alma about the cherubim and flaming sword that guarded the tree of life.  President LeSueur likened the cherubim to mentors and examples the Lord places in our pathway to guide us along, and he likened the flaming sword to the word of God that is lit by the Spirit.  He told us that we are to be ‘cherubim’ to our missionaries.
  • Focus on strengthening the faith of the missionaries!

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