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missioneccles112419 (November 2019 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — November 24, 2019

1/  President LeSueur

  • The theme today is rolling out the new “Missionary Standards for Disciples of Christ”
  • I give my thanks to this talented young missionary who just played “O Divine Redeemer” by memory.   I honor his parents who made wonderful choices for him at a young age.
  • We are grateful for your service.  Your sacrifices are great.
  • The power of the Stripling Warriors came not from muscular strength but from spiritual strength they had in their homes.
  • 3 Nephi 27:13-15 includes the teaching of Christ that “…this is my gospel…”.

2/ Presidents Hendricks and Alexander

  • The Lord doesn’t ask obedience from you, but ‘for’ you.
  • How can you recognize a missionary that is a true disciple of Jesus?
    • He is more concerned about others than himself
    • He doesn’t kick against the pricks
    • His countenance radiates
    • He wants to obey, not ‘has’ to obey
    • Charity is a manifestation of true discipleship
  • We shouldn’t just ‘go’ on a mission; we should become a missionary.
  • Love the people, love the Lord.
  • Missionaries are safer in the mission field than are their friends who elect not to serve and stay home.
  • Become life-long disciples of Christ.
  • Serving a mission is much more than just ‘checking boxes’.
  • Use common sense.  Do not bargain with the Lord by doing extreme things.  The Lord is looking for normalcy, consistency, dependability, reliability.
  • High love, high expectations.

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